Cardboard Wars

War is the continuation of politics by other means

Vassal Playtest 3: Narvik Turn 10 (May 14 – 17, 1940)

The Germans continue to try to breakthrough at Namsos, but the 3rd Mountain Division ceases to exist as a fighting force. Can the 2nd mountain division be able to break through, or will the Germans have to call in the 1st mountain division to rescue them?

Vassal Playtest 3: Narvik Turn 9 (May 10 – 13, 1940)

The German attack in the west is underway and the Allies desperately need some good news. The Germans escape disaster in the south. The drive on Namsos is underway, but the Norwegians keep escaping, and the French finally attack Narvik, and the result is inconclusive.

Vassal Playtest 3: Narvik Turn 8 (May 6 – 9, 1940)

The Germans recapture Trondheim and Værnes airfield and begin the push towards Namsos. The Allies are in a bit of disarray and are trying to regroup behind the Namsen River. Final preparations are made for the Allied assault on Narvik (scheduled for Turn 9 [May 10 – 13, 1940]). Meanwhile, the German mop-up operation in southern Norway gets underway.

Vassal Playtest 3: Narvik Turn 7 (May 2 – 5, 1940)

The Allies are on the run, the Norwegians are becoming more isolated, the Germans fail to retake Trondheim, and the French make their final preparations to attack Narvik…

Vassal Playtest 3: Narvik Turn 6 (April 28 – May 1, 1940)

The Germans almost complete the breakthrough to Trondheim. Norwegian troops are sealed off near Bergen. The Norwegian King’s Guard meet their fate, the British counterattack at Trondheim, and the Luftwaffe sinks the HMS Furious.

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