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SoS Narvik, Turn 3 (April 16 – 19, 1940)

I have been very pressed for time this week, and this looks to continue into the next week.

Supply, or rather lack of it, has reached critical mass. If the Germans do not get any supply, their defense ratings drop to 0, and the Norwegians will easily overrun them.

The Germans are shipping eight supply depots to Norway: three depots to Bergen, one depot to Stavanger, two depots to Kristiansand, one depot to Drammen and one to Moss on the eastern side. Two depots are sunk en route to Bergen, and one depot is sunk on the way to Kristiansand. Read more…

SoS Narvik, Turn 2 (April 12 – 15, 1940)

I realized after I had started the German turn that I neglected to move the Norwegian trucks fleeing from Oslo during the exploitation phase. They are exposed, unprotected, and prime targets for an air assault.

As I looked over the reinforcement schedule prior to playing, I saw that eighteen Ju-52 transports were withdrawn early, but I mistakenly thought it was on turn 3. It’s not. Here on turn 2, the Ju-52s are withdrawn, leaving 12 air units behind. This could cause a problem for the Germans. Read more…

SoS Narvik: Turn 1 (April 8 – 11, 1940)

I was recently reminded of the conundrum that Alan and I were in regarding landing float planes in hexes that are interdicted by warships. It seems to me that any float plane that lands within reach of warships is a sitting duck while it unloads, yet the rules are silent in this regard. It appears to be perfectly legal. Read more…

Narvik: More Changes

Rule Changes & Clarifications

Norwegian soldiers on the Narvik front (click image to enlarge) [source:]

The Swedish Supply Depot

I found the GDW Narvik rulebook that I (*cough* *cough*) misplaced. In the older version of Narvik, the German supply depot that appears in Sweden receives 4 MP and can move independently. In the new game, it receives an extra movement point.

The Victory Point Schedule

There are a couple of changes to the VP schedule, but I’m not sure all of them were intentional. Read more…

Narvik: Storm over Scandinavia Style

Storm over Scandinavia (click image to enlarge)

I’m not sure what it is about Scandinavia that keeps drawing me back. It seems to me that more people like the Spanish civil war, the Russian front, North Africa or the Second Front more so than any other games. I rarely see anyone discussing the Fall of France, for example. The Balkans are often ignored as well. Is it because these were campaigns the Axis won, and people really don’t want to see the Axis win at something? Read more…

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