Cardboard Wars

War is the continuation of politics by other means

SoS Narvik: Allied Turn 3 (April 16 – 19, 1940)

The Allied situation in southern Norway has suddenly become dire. Not much stands in the way of German relief efforts to Trondheim, where the Germans keep a tenuous hold on the city. All airfields in southern Norway have been captured, but one, and it has been surrounded. The invasion is now one week old, and the Norwegian army is already on the verge of collapse.

Except in the far north where I don’t think they are aware there is a war going on.

Narvik Front

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SoS Vassal Playtest: Narvik German Turn 3 (April 16 – 19, 1940)

In southern Norway, the Germans consolidate their gains, isolate Kjevik Air Station and begin pushing north to Trondheim and Bergen. At the Trondheim front, German artillery tries to break through Norwegian forces to reestablish contact with the forces at Trondheim while elements of the 214th Division try to break through from the other side. Read more…

SoS Vassal Playtest: Narvik, Allied Turn 2 (April 12 – 15, 1940)

Stavanger falls to the Germans. Forces in the north prepare for the inevitable race to Narvik. The British occupy Namsos and set up operations there.

I missed my self-imposed deadline this week because, well,  yard. And dogs, but as I write this, turn 9 of this campaign had just begun.  Today (May 10) is also the 80th anniversary of the German invasion of the West. Read more…

SoS Vassal Playtest: German Turn 2: April 12-15, 1940

The German invasion went pretty much according to plan. The Germans captured 3 of the 6 important cities of south Norway: Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim. German forces were unable to hold Narvik or capture Værnes Air Station outside Trondheim.

This turn the Germans break out from the Oslofjord, capturing the Fornebu and Gardermoen airfields, Andalsnes, mobilization centers 7 and 13, and fight an inconclusive battle at Stavanger. Read more…

SoS Vassal Playtest: Allied Turn 1: April 9 – 11, 1940

The Norwegians Fight Back

To make a short story even shorter, the Norwegians eliminate the sole German battalion at Narvik and recapture the port. The German game just became about a million times harder.

The Norwegians also decide to make a stand at Værnes Airfield outside Trondheim. C. V bombers are surprising successful in disrupting the German battalion approaching the airfield, and the Norwegians are successful in eliminating the Germans, holding the airfield. Read more…

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