Cardboard Wars

War is the continuation of politics by other means

Western Desert: September 1942: Victory

September 1942 – Surprisingly, I just realized the Allied attack at El Agheila occurred about the time that General Montgomery took command of Eighth Army. Coincidence? I think not.

The Allies, having captured El Agheila and thus Cyrenaica, continue to hammer at the Axis defensive line trying to break out of Cyrenaica and into Tripolitania. The Allied force is pushing down the coast road while tanks are watching the southern flank. The Allies eliminate over half the enemy force and force the German 90le cadre to retreat further. Read more…

Western Desert (June – August 1942): The Allied Offensive Begins

June 1942 – After spending months playing a silly game of run away, the Allies are starting to get their feet under them and pushing back into Libya. By the end of May 1942, the Allies have retaken Tobruk and pushed as far west as Derna. The Axis, in a bid to put the Allies out of supply and retake the initiative has pushed an Italian motorized regiment to the Egyptian border to cut the supply line.

The two armored divisions that have finally been destroyed are put in the replacement pool where they finally receive the upgrades that I have been waiting on. Now it is just a matter of time until these replacements are received. Read more…

Western Desert (April to May 1942): Counterstrike!

[Editor’s note: This post was originally pulled because it was believed there was a game altering error made during gameplay. After review, no such error was made.]

April 1942 – The Axis have recaptured all of Libya and pushed into Egypt. The Allies are reeling under the pressure and have virtually abandoned Egypt.

The Axis have overextended their supply lines, however. Three tank divisions and two regiments have pushed to the Egyptian frontier well ahead of their supplies. The Axis have but one step of supply to use, while the Allies have twelve. Read more…

Western Desert (February – March 1942): Demoralization

February 1942.

Things are looking grim for the Allies again after a brief moment of triumph. As for me personally, I’m feeling a little down that I have not been able to hold the Axis back, again, and am ending back up in the situation I just got out of. I feel like I am trapped in quicksand. The more I struggle to get out, the deeper I sink.

The Allies still lead the Axis on points, if you can call negative VPs points, but I still feel like I am getting whipped by the Axis at every turn and have not been able to devise an answer to what they are doing. I am very demoralized, and I’m sure the Allies felt the same way during the war. It seems like the higher-ups are constantly withdrawing troops to be used anywhere but the Western Desert. Instead of focusing on a spot and winning there, they are trying, unsuccessfully, to defend everywhere. Read more…

The Siege of the Agedabia Swamplands (August 1941 to January 1942)

August 1941 – The Allies take a look at their positions and conclude that they are overextended and will be unable to hold their current position. Although they were able to secure 30 VPs before the victory point period expired, the Axis forced the Australians out of El Agheila. Read more…

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