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Vassal Playtest 3: Narvik – April 9 – 11, 1940

The Norwegian army was so blurry, it was driving me crazy, so I took some time away from here to make a better, clearer version of the Norwegian army. I feel I succeeded at that, but after I pulled the new counters into the module, I deleted the previous, horrible ones (which were a different format and file extension). The result was that the Norwegian Army vanished and I have no idea what Norwegian units were in what location.

So I am forced to start AGAIN (*sigh*), but I am going to try to keep the videos to around 30 minutes or less.

Small price to pay for the Norwegian army looking almost as sharp as the other armies.

I think I am finished adding features. There is so much that I think I could do that I have picked up from other modules, but I have to draw the line somewhere. In addition to these playtest, I am assembling the starting units and positions for all of the scenarios. So far I have completed the Narvik game, and the following Europa level scenario: Campaign for Norway (German invasion of Norway), Nordic Adventure (Allied invasion of Norway), Campaign for Sweden (German invasion of Sweden 1940), March Crisis (German invasion of Sweden 1942), and am currently working on NTO, the combined Storm over Scandinavia/A Winter War. I have several other scenarios to put together, as this game has a lot of scenarios to choose from.

So, back to the Narvik playtest. Enjoy

Vassal Playtest 2: Narvik Turn 3

I’m trying to cut down on the length of each individual video. I’ve set a mental time limit of 30 minutes, but that is hard to meet with the Germans, even when I set some stuff up in advance. I split the turn into 2 separate videos, one for the German half and one for the Allied half.


Vassal Playtest 2: Narvik Turn 2

The second turn of the Narvik campaign has been posted. I’m not sure, at this point, if this is going to work or not. It might. I tried to keep this one short, but it still ended up longer than the first one. I’m not following a script, the entire turn is done by the seat of my pants.

But I am thinking that while it may be interesting, who has time to sit and watch for a full hour? I am shocked this one turned out so long. I don’t know. I know I spend less time on it than writing the whole thing out, and you can see what I am doing, mistakes and all, and I like that.

But writing, I can just hit the highlights and move on.


I would really like to know what you think of this format.


Vassal Playtest 2: Narvik, Turn 1

I wanted to try something a little different. I haven’t posted anything for awhile because I have been correcting mistakes in the module, teaching my nephew how to play Western Desert (We’re in mid 1941, and I may have made a move that cost me the game as the Germans. I lost both of my Panzer divisions in their totality in a heavy battle that destroyed much of the Commonwealth Army. All I have left are Italians, and he is bringing forces back from Greece. Whoops!), and starting a playtest once again.

I decided to record a video (much as I hate the sound of my own voice) and post it on YouTube. Turn 1 is in the books. The Germans have landed in Norway (and I am using a different strategy this time). If you are interested in seeing the game turn, move by move, click here:

Just ignore the part where I say that Hitler was intent on invading Germany. Stream of consciousness error. I did it all in one take, but have no idea how to edit or overdub, lol!

SoS Narvik: Allied Turn 3 (April 16 – 19, 1940)

The Allied situation in southern Norway has suddenly become dire. Not much stands in the way of German relief efforts to Trondheim, where the Germans keep a tenuous hold on the city. All airfields in southern Norway have been captured, but one, and it has been surrounded. The invasion is now one week old, and the Norwegian army is already on the verge of collapse.

Except in the far north where I don’t think they are aware there is a war going on.

Narvik Front

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