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SoS Narvik: Turn 1 (April 8 – 11, 1940)

I was recently reminded of the conundrum that Alan and I were in regarding landing float planes in hexes that are interdicted by warships. It seems to me that any float plane that lands within reach of warships is a sitting duck while it unloads, yet the rules are silent in this regard. It appears to be perfectly legal. Read more…


Narvik: More Changes

Rule Changes & Clarifications

Norwegian soldiers on the Narvik front (click image to enlarge) [source:]

The Swedish Supply Depot

I found the GDW Narvik rulebook that I (*cough* *cough*) misplaced. In the older version of Narvik, the German supply depot that appears in Sweden receives 4 MP and can move independently. In the new game, it receives an extra movement point.

The Victory Point Schedule

There are a couple of changes to the VP schedule, but I’m not sure all of them were intentional. Read more…

Narvik: Storm over Scandinavia Style

Storm over Scandinavia (click image to enlarge)

I’m not sure what it is about Scandinavia that keeps drawing me back. It seems to me that more people like the Spanish civil war, the Russian front, North Africa or the Second Front more so than any other games. I rarely see anyone discussing the Fall of France, for example. The Balkans are often ignored as well. Is it because these were campaigns the Axis won, and people really don’t want to see the Axis win at something? Read more…

Lost Victories; The Battle of Stalingrad; Jan II 43 (Soviet) and beyond……

I’ve been debating on how best to handle this since it has been so long. When I last left off, there was only one Panzer corps surviving in the Stalingrad pocket. The Luftwaffe had tried, and failed, to deliver supplies to this corps. To the west, a Soviet armored corps was fleeing east in the face of an ever increasing number of Panzers. The Axis had surrounded the last of the Soviet armor, but left a way out of the pocket, perhaps expecting harassment bombers to close the door on them. Read more…

It’s Been HOW Long?

I’ve been gone for 7 months? Wow, how time flies when you are immersed in other things!

The good news, for me at least, is that I’m not dead. I haven’t been sick (although I have had a family member hospitalized at one point). I’ve just had a case of the lazies. I burned out.

I am getting refocused. I know I have to finish the Stalingrad report (the game is long since finished), and I am going to make that a priority as I head into the new year.

There are some other games that I wish to get to, as well as revisiting others. I have to do some winter cleaning in my gaming area so I can get some things set up. The next thing I wish to do is War in the Desert, but I want to explore the Rommel’s Fantasy option, an extra division or two for DAK.

I also want to go over my Narvik notes and give it another try, even throwing up the Storm over Scandinavia version of Narvik up and give it a try. The reason being is that I have not yet played a game where the Germans were able to hold the town of Narvik, or any of the adjacent hexes.

I will do my best to get Stalingrad finished and posted in the next few weeks.

In the mean time, Merry Christmas (or whatever holiday you choose to celebrate), and a Happy New Year to everyone out there!

Tony S.

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