Cardboard Wars

War is the continuation of politics by other means

Narvik, Take 2: Allied Turn 1 (April 9 – 11, 1940)

As soon as the British learn of the invasion of Norway, and the landing at Narvik in particular, the Royal Navy is dispatched.

Narvik is immediately interdicted, along with Kristiansand. The idea being that if the Germans need to ship troops to western Norway, they will be forced out into the North Sea where there is a better chance they will be sunk.

Cruisers are also dispatched, being sent to Trondheim (1), Bergen (2), Stavanger (1) and Kristiansand (1).

The Allies score an additional 5 VP for the interdiction of Narvik.

Allied turn 1 - arctic (click image to enlarge)

Allied turn 1 – arctic (click image to enlarge)

In the north, the 6th Brigade moves from Bardufoss to the outskirts of Elvegaardsmoen, and meets up with the retreating mountain battalion. Newly raised troops from Tromso and Alta race to the Narvik area.

Elvegaardsmoen doesn’t really do the Germans much good, as it isn’t a port. However, it does give them the option of pushing to either Harstad or Bardufoss.

While Bardufoss is not garrisoned at the moment, there are troops in the area, and the Germans can’t immediately reach it. There is no threat of airborne capture, because it is out of range, even at extended range.

In south Norway, the units from Stavanger and Kristiansand retreat into the mountains and forests. There isn’t a lot they can do in the face of German pressure, and they are disrupted. They are on the retreat to reorganize and wait for the army to mobilize, and perhaps the Allies to arrive and help. Just as they did with Poland.

Allied turn 1 - South Norway (click image to enlarge)

Allied turn 1 – South Norway (click image to enlarge)

The 1st Brigade, based in Halden, flees for Oslo in the face of the German threat from Fredrikstad. Norwegian troops gather in Trondheim to organize the 5th Brigade.

A motorcycle company goes cross-country biking into the mountains to join the men retreating from Stavanger. The objective is to use the terrain to their advantage, and to protect the mobilization center.

Troops retreating from Kristiansand meet up with 3rd Brigade at Evje, and decide to hold there for the moment, slowing the retreat to Haugesund.

While everyone else is on the retreat, 4th Brigade holds outside Bergen, protecting the mobilization center that is located on the outskirts of the city.

Really, the best the Norwegians can do right now is to hold tight and wait for reinforcements, which begin arriving next turn. Just like the last game, they have to build up their strength a bit, and wait for help from the Allies. In the meantime, they can take advantage of the terrain and the advantage that they have of always being in supply, no matter what.



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