Cardboard Wars

War is the continuation of politics by other means

Narvik, Take 2: German Invasion Turn (April 9 – 11, 1940)

With the troops sailing towards their targets, the Germans get their airplanes in the air.

German Ju-52 floatplane (click image to enlarge)

German Ju-52 floatplane (click image to enlarge)

Three Kriegsmaring Ju-52 floatplane transports wing to Narvik to dump supplies in the city to wait for the 3rd mountain division to land.

Transports loaded with men and supplies fly to their destinations around Oslo, while the third airborne company flies to Kristiansand.

Ju-88 bombers fly to Bergen (normal range), Me-110C fighter bombers fly at extended range to Kristiansand, and the He-11H bombers fly over Stavanger.

The Norwegians scramble their Gladiator fighters to intercept the transports flying towards their airfield. They engage the ten transports (in waves of five, per the rule). The Gladiators are shot down, but not before they shot down some transports and forced others to turn back.

By a blind drawing, the transports carrying the airborne company was shot down, while one of the transports carrying supplies was forced to turn back. Since the airborne troops could not jump, the entire mission has to be scrubbed, and the two battalions are returned to base.

The Allies gain a net of 3 victory points, +1 for shooting down the transports, +4 for destroying the airborne troops, and -2 for losing the Gladiator. Total VP: 3

The air drop over the North Oslo airfield is successful, and more transports land as soon as they have control of the airfield, and the last of the transports drop supplies.

Second battalion of the 196th infantry, newly landed at the north Oslo airfield (moving in the air phase) swings around Oslo and captures the western airfield.

The airborne drop over Kristiansand airfield is also successful, resulting in another captured airfield.

The Me-110Cs successfully disrupt the Norwegian troops in Kristiansand, landing at the airfield to the east.

The He-111 bombers disrupt the Norwegian troops in Stavanger, and fly to Oslo to land.

Interestingly enough, the Ju-88a bombers that are carrying a normal bomb load fail to disrupt the troops in Bergen. They return to base in Germany.

German invasion of Narvik (click image to enlarge)

German invasion of Narvik (click image to enlarge)

In the arctic, the float planes successfully drop their supplies in Narvik.

Although there were several close calls, the entire invasion wave lands successfully. The Norwegians are caught by surprise and fail their mandatory retreat checks, and retreat from Bergen, Stavanger and Kristiansand.

The only battle is in Elvegaardsmoen in the arctic. The Germans decide to take the fight to the Norwegians instead of sitting back on the defensive. Although the attack is at 4:1 odds, the attack results in no effect.

The follow up waves also land successfully south of Oslo.

German invasion turn (click image to enlarge)

German invasion turn (click image to enlarge)

The invasion if off to a better start than the last one. Where the last game, the Allies sunk everything in sight, this time they didn’t get anything except an airborne company.

The Germans are now in control of four of the six airfields, and plan to have Stavanger next turn. There are also enough troops near Oslo that it should be a much easier jewel to capture. Of course, supplies need to be dropped to them (there is a supply depot at the north Oslo airfield, which should be enough to keep the 214th division in general supply for now.

Supply runs need to be run to Bergen, Stavanger and Kristiansand. There should be enough supplies that were sent with the initial invasion to last them for awhile.


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