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Narvik: German Turn 2 (April 12 – 15, 1940)

During the invasion turn, the Germans got a solid foothold in Norway, capturing four of seven airfields (I discovered an airfield at Trondheim. It’s in a forest, so it is kind of hard to see).

The goal is to continue to move men and material to the Norwegian shores.

German turn 2 in the arctic (click image to enlarge)

German turn 2 in the arctic (click image to enlarge)

In the arctic, a captured supply depot appears on the Swedish border outside Narvik.  It is quickly moved into Narvik.

The Royal Navy sink ten German destroyers, stranding a regiment of naval troops in the port. They are left to garrison the port for the moment.

Meanwhile, the 139th mountain infantry regiment breaks down into three battalions. One battalion is sent to capture Harstad and mobilization center 15, which it does successfully. The other two battalions garrison Elvegaardsmoen, across from the Norwegian 7th Brigade. The 138th mountain infantry regiment moves east to the Swedish border to frustrate any attempts by the Allies to flank the port of Narvik and slip in from behind.

In southern Norway, there is much more activity.

German air operations over Norway - turn 2 (click image to enlarge)

German air operations over Norway – turn 2 (click image to enlarge)

Another battalion of the 196th infantry division is transported into the north Oslo airfield.

One Me-109E fighter is transferred to the Kristiansand airfield, while Ju-87B bombers (flying at extended range) attack the Norwegians gathering at Mobilization Center 7 in the mountains, but have no effect other than doing some reshaping of the mountains.

Me-110C fighter-bombers and Ju-88A medium bombers gather over Mobilization Center 9 and bomb the Norwegians determined to hold it. Each group bombs separately, resulting in one hit and one miss. The Norwegians lose cohesion and become disrupted (HQs never become disrupted due to bombing).

He-111H and Me-110C fighter-bombers bomb Oslo just because. His Majesty the King’s Guard battalion becomes disrupted.

Supply is flown to Stavanger and Bergen. The U-1 markers represent the units that are on their first turn out of supply, which has no effect on any of their abilities. I update the supply status at the start of each turn, so if they start the turn out of supply, they spend the entire turn out of supply, even if a supply line is opened later that turn. I believe that’s the standard Europa rule.

At the end of the airphase, there are four Me-110C fighter-bombers, and two Ju-87B Dive bombers stationed at Bergen, and there are two Ju-87Bs, two Me-110C, and an Me-109E at Kristiansand airfield. This become important in the Allied part of the turn.

To the best of my ability, I have tried to match colors of the descriptions to the color of the movement arrows in the following photo. The green arrows are only object references.

South Norway, German turn 2 (click image to enlarge)

South Norway, German turn 2 (click image to enlarge)

The 367th regiment in Fredrikstad moves north to the outskirts of Oslo, capturing Artillery Store 1, Mobilization Center 1 and Mobilization Center 6 while it marches.

The 340th and 345th infantry regiments of the 196th infantry division, accompanied by the II battalion of the 33rd AA regiment lands safely in Fredrikstad. They are allowed to move half of their movement, and start heading for Oslo

The battalion that captured the west Oslo airfield last turn returns to the north Oslo airfield and reassembles back into the 362nd regiment.

The 388th regiment moves to garrison the west Oslo airfield, capturing Artillery Store 2 and Mobilization Center 3 as it moves north.

The 214th divisional HQ follows along behind, ending on the west bank of the Drams River (river not obvious in photo)

the 193rd regiment at Kristiansand breaks into three battalions, sending one battalion east to garrison the Kristiansand airfield, and another battalion west to capture Sola Air Station outside Stavanger.

The 159th regiment in Bergen attacks Mobilization Center 9, interdicting the hexside back into Bergen to prevent the Norwegians from “retreating forward” back into Bergen.

While all this movement is taking place, The 196th infantry division HQ, and three battalions of divisional artillery board ships bound for Fredrikstad, and the 334th infantry regiment (181st division) loads bound for Larvik.

The 159th regiment attacks the Norwegian 4th Brigade at MC 9, the 4th brigade consisting of a sole, disrupted infantry battalion. At 3:1 odds, the Germans finally get a decent roll and destroy the brigade holding MC9 (Defender Eliminated).

The Germans will discover next turn that they just made a blunder.

A quick note about supply. Supplies were airdropped in Bergen after the regiment had been determined to be out of supply. This supply was burned up when the regiment attacked. 

The rules are not clear as to when the supply status is checked, except in the case of attack supply. Can a unit be in attack supply, but out of general supply? 

When I have my German player hat on, I want to say that attack supply should be enough to consider the regiment had general supply for this turn, and next turn it will be U-1; but my Allied player hat is like, “say what?”

It all comes down to when supply status is supposed to be checked, and the rules aren’t clear. Other Europa games require that supply status is checked at the beginning of the turn, but these rules are stripped down from the regular rules.

I should just go ahead and make them U-2, and have them run as fast as they can towards a supply depot, or until one can be dropped on them next turn.


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