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The Norwegian Travel Guide

I’ve received a couple of requests for adding references to the map so people will know where a place that I reference is, such as Bergen. I admit that I took for granted that the average person knows where Haugesund is, and simply put, the typography on the map is too small to read in these photos.

So, I threw this together, and hopefully it isn’t too cluttered.

Guide to South Norway (click image to enlarge)

Guide to South Norway (click image to enlarge)

On the map of South Norway, I marked all the major cities, airfields, most of the mobilization centers, and a couple of rivers just for good measure.

I didn’t mark everything in this photo. Denmark is the small peninsula sticking up at the bottom of the map,  and the numbers 2 & 4 near Oslo are Mobilization Centers 2 & 4. I didn’t mark them because I felt the photo was getting too cluttered.

I pointed out a couple of roads/railroads that lead to Trondheim and Andalsnes in what I call “Central Norway”, for perspective.

I also labeled the Lagen River. While I am pretty sure it is the Lagen River, I can’t make any guarantees. The maps available on the internet are horrible, but it is all I have access to at the moment.

Central Norway Travel Guide (click image to enlarge)

Guide to Central Norway (click image to enlarge)

I made a discovery last night while I was looking at one of the photos of Central Norway. There is an airfield on the map just to the south of Trondheim. It is in a forest, so the airfield printing sort of blends in with the forest printing. I never knew that airfield was there.

There isn’t a whole lot in Central Norway. Andalsnes, Trondheim and Namsos are the primary objectives of this area. In addition, there is a railhead a bit to the east of Namsos. This represents the end of the rail line. The rail line to the north did not exists at this time in 1940, but the road north did, so it is still represented on the map.

Weather line ‘A’ represents where the arctic begins. Shipping north of this line costs double the transports.

Arctic Norway Travel Guide (click image to enlarge)

Guide to Arctic Norway (click image to enlarge)

The final destination is the arctic itself.

The only areas of any real interest in this area are Narvik itself, and the airfield at Bardufoss. There are two mobilization centers, one at Tromso and the other at Harstad.

Note also that the road north ends at Bodo, at the southern edge of the photo.

As I continue, I will try to mark any references that I make in the battle report for easier visualization of the campaign.

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