Cardboard Wars

War is the continuation of politics by other means

Narvik: Allied Turn 3 (April 16 – 19, 1940)

For the most part, the Allies are trying to dig in to hold on. There is no further activity in Oslo, but if this were any other game, I would be fortifying the city. Alas, there are no rules covering fortifications.

The British transfer aircraft from Hatston Field to Bergen. I don’t think I pointed this out before, but Hatston Field is off map to the west, in the Orkney Islands.

Three Norwegian battalions are mobilized at Mobilization Center 10, but are captured by the Germans before the center is recaptured by the British.

Allied turn 3 - south Norway (click image to enlarge)

Allied turn 3 – south Norway (click image to enlarge)

The British 24th Guards and 148th brigades leave Bergen in pursuit of the German 159th regiment. I didn’t think about it at the time, but they could have taken the train and caught the regiment. I’m not sure if they could have done any damage considering they had to leave a battalion behind to garrison the port against any German hijinks. Instead, they set off down the valley, recapturing mobilization centers 9 & 10 on their journey.

The Allies, historically, obviously did not give any thought about actually going on the offensive to drive the Germans out of Norway. I say this because by the rules of the game, they are tethered to their supply depots.

But everyone is tethered to their supply! Yes, but the Germans can carry theirs around. The Allies can’t, and wherever it is placed, that’s where it stays. Not only that, but they can only move ten movement points away and still be in supply.  I’ve shown on the photo the furthest they can go, and they are still a good 80 miles from Oslo.

The British can chase, but they can only go so far.

Groups Mork and Ostbye in the mountains near Evje have finished their organization and are coming down from the mountains. On closer inspection, they should move further up the road into the mountains to protect Haugesund.

Allied turn 3 - Narvik (click image to enlarge)

Allied turn 3 – Narvik (click image to enlarge)

In the arctic, the French 5th mountain regiment lands at Tromso, further away than Harstad, but they still have enough logistical support to reach Narvik.

The Norwegians reinforce Bardufoss to prevent any German shenanigans, if they were to decide to make a run for the airfield. Troops marching from Alta continue their trek to the Narvik area.

Trondheim continues to sit and wait for any German attack. The British 146th infantry brigade lands in Trondheim, along with Royal Marines and antiaircraft, further bolstering the defense of Trondheim. The II bn/16th mountain regiment rails from the north into Trondheim.

The Allies really aren’t sure what to do, in the face of the Germans invasion. The invasion is 10 days old, but the Royal Navy has failed to sink anything of significance. The Royal Air Force is outmatched by the Luftwaffe, and, for this game, the Germans have assembled into regiments as opposed to having a bunch of battalions running around, like the Germans did in the last game.

The Allies offensive opportunities are limited by the reach of their supply lines. Can they still drive the Germans out of Narvik? We will be finding the answer to that question soon, but what do the British do, as they can’t reach Oslo? Back up and defend the port and go for the 100 points? As far as the Victory Points schedule, that really seems to be the only option….


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