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Narvik: Allied Turn 5 (April 24 – 27)

Allied turn 5 - South Norway (click image to enlarge)

Allied turn 5 – South Norway (click image to enlarge)

Things are beginning to unravel for the Allies. Two brigades based out of Bergen, the 24th Guards and 148th have had their supply terminal destroyed. They are now starting their first turn out of supply. While that does not impact them this turn, starting their next turn, their abilities are going to be severely hampered. The decision is made to recall them to Bergen, where the decision will have to be made whether to evacuate back to Great Britain, or to another port in hopes of finding some supply for them.

The Norwegians arrive in the mountain pass outside Haugesund. Third brigade is joined by Group Mork from MC7, while Group Ostbye to the south is joined by the 1st battalion of the 8th mountain infantry regiment and a motorcycle company. To secure the port, the French have landed the 27th mountain infantry regiment in Haugesund.

Three more battalions are raised at Mobilization Center 3 (near Oslo), and are immediately captured by the Germans.

Allied turn 5 - Trondheim (click image to enlarge)

Allied turn 5 – Trondheim (click image to enlarge)

The British 15th Brigade is railed into Trondheim, leaving the trucks behind. The trucks make their way towards Trondheim.

What remains of the Royal Air Force, some Skuas and some Swordfish, hardly a match for the ME-109E;  flees to Trondheim and the Ark Royal, just off the coast of Trondheim.

In the arctic, Narvik, which has been abandoned by the Germans, has been recaptured by the Norwegian 7th Brigade, as the Allies maneuver to surround Elvegaardsmoen.

The Glorious and the Ark Royal are scheduled to leave next turn, but they will be back. At that time, they should go to the arctic to project some unopposed air power over Narvik. maybe they can disrupt the Germans to assist in any attack on Elvegaardsmoen.

Allied turn 5 - Narvik (click image to enlarge)

Allied turn 5 – Narvik (click image to enlarge)

The carriers are carrying mostly torpedo bombers, which in other games, can only be used in an antishipping role. In this game, since the Germans have no ships (they didn’t appear until Storm Over Scandinavia), there are no rules concerning their role in the battle. So I am just going to assume they can be used as normal bombers.

Now that Allied supply is going to become an issue, the question becomes, do the Allies evacuate, or do they stand and die? There are victory point penalties for losing Allied units, but since 50 victory points or less is a German decisive victory, does it matter if you score 7 points or -25 points? Can some of this be offset by getting lucky and doing some damage to the Germans as they attack?

If this were a grand campaign instead of a standalone game, evacuating would be the only option. Historically, the Allies evacuated.

How will the Allies handle this conundrum?




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2 thoughts on “Narvik: Allied Turn 5 (April 24 – 27)

  1. Alan Tibbetts on said:

    The Allies should have conserved their air force for the fight at Narvik. They still have 2 unused supply terminals, correct? Best bet is to make a slow withdrawal up the “spine” of Norway, not try to defend soutern and central Norway. That is a strategy best adopted turn 1.


    • To be honest, Alan, this is the first time I’ve touched this game in nearly 30 years. I’m relearning it as I go. You are one step ahead of me. =)

      I agree that everything comes down to the Narvik area, but even that can’t guarantee an Allied victory, especially if the Allies are being decimated during that withdrawal up the spine, costing them precious victory points.

      I agree that I could have handled the Royal Air Force better. They are no match for those Me-110s, let alone the Me-109s. Going up against unescorted bombers is a Herculean task. The first hints should have been the two times that the Norwegians lost their Gladiators against German Ju-52 transports. Interception is not their strength.

      Unfortunately, Bomber Command is utterly useless. They can’t transfer to Norway, and are so far away that they have to fly extended range missions with reduced bomb loads. That umbrella doesn’t extend very far, and is very weak over the areas it can reach.

      But I was heading in the direction that you were pointing out, after I began to realize that an Allied victory can only be achieved in the arctic. Like I said, I’m relearning the whole thing. However, if the Luftwaffe can destroy all of the Allied supply bases, the Allies are completely helpless.

      Honestly, I was trying to figure out if there was a way for the Allies to hold on to one of the southern ports through the end of the game. I think that the only plausible one is Haugesund, having the mountain barrier inland. However, they are surrounded by three airfields, so that may not even be plausible. Maybe Namsos is the better option. Even though Oslo has a -2 die roll modifier with it, that is not the place to make a stand.


      There were 2 spare British supply bases, but one is now in Namsos, and I am thinking about putting the last one in Bodo. There will also be a spare French supply base as I pull the French 27th Mountain Brigade out and send it to the north, to be replaced with another French brigade.


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