Cardboard Wars

War is the continuation of politics by other means

Narvik: German Turn 6 (April 28 – May 1)

Before I begin, I should make a couple of notes about shorthand that I occasionally use. For those not familiar with military designations, this is the shorthand notation, just in case I use it and don’t catch it. I use some in the enclosed photos.

Unit size designation, from largest unit to smallest (and I’m sure someone will correct me if I get any of these wrong):

XXXX = Army

XXX = Corps

XX = Division (made up of two to four brigades or regiments, depending on organization)

X = Brigade (usually made up of two to three regiments, again, depending on organization)

III = Regiment (usually composed of three to six battalions, depending on organization)

II = Battalion (composed of three companies, depending on organization)

I = Company/Battery; If it is artillery, it is a battery. All others are companies.

… = Platoon; Finding this size unit in a Europa game is extremely rare. I recall seeing one somewhere, but I don’t recall which game it was in. Smaller units are the squad and fire team.

German turn 6 - south Norway

German turn 6 – south Norway (click image to enlarge)

The Allies finally sink German transport ships bound for Oslo. The 326th Regiment of the 198th Division is sunk, tallying 6 victory points for the Allies.

The rest of the 198th Division lands in Oslo, along with two artillery batteries and a company of tanks. All immediately leave Oslo, except for two regiments of infantry from the 163rd Division (307th & 310th regiments). The tanks move as quickly as they can towards Trondheim.

The 310th and 307th infantry regiments stay in Oslo as a garrison.

The 159th regiment and 181st division pursue the British 24th Guards and 148th infantry brigades back to Bergen, recapturing Mobilization Centers 9 & 10 along the way.

The 69th Infantry headquarters is following along behind (with the intention of absorbing the 159th), along with the 359th infantry regiment of the 181st division.

In the west, the 236th and 334th regiments push to the mountains guarding Haugesund.

German turn 6 - Trondheim (click image to enlarge)

German turn 6 – Trondheim (click image to enlarge)

Up near Trondheim, the 196th division captures the Norwegian trucks that were just sitting there waiting to be captured. I know it was silly of me to send them Andalsnes from Trondheim when the units in Andalsnes would be travelling by rail to Trondheim. Anyway, the trucks are immediately dispatched to fetch supply that is in the Oslo area.

The 214th division crosses the mountains east of Trondheim to threaten the airfield.

The II battalion of the 33rd AA regiment rails into Andalsnes, capturing Lillehammer and Mobilization Center 11. The Norwegians only have five mobilization centers left.

The Luftwaffe launches another bombing raid, this time over Trondheim. The British send up their last group of Skua fighters to intercept (which I shouldn’t have done) and the Luftwaffe makes quick work of them. Three more waves of bombers destroy the British supply terminal, leaving the British in dire straits.

Southern Norway is now almost under complete German control. Bergen will soon fall. Haugesund may be more of a fight, but it should eventually succumb to German pressure. Once this objective has been taken, the next focus is Trondheim and areas north.


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