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Narvik: Allied turn 7 (May 2 – May 5, 1940)

Allied turn 7 - south Norway (click image to enlarge)

Allied turn 7 – south Norway (click image to enlarge)

Southern Norway is virtually lost to the Allies. The fight now is in the Trondheim area, but considering that the Luftwaffe is dominant, and their supplies vulnerable, High Command is considering a withdrawal up the neck of Norway.

Three more Norwegian battalions mobilize at mobilization center 5, south of Lillehammer and are captured by the Germans. Norwegian mobilization has pretty much collapsed.

After the destruction of their supply depot, the French 27th mountain regiment races back to Haugesund for evacuation, abandoning the Norwegians in the mountains.

The Polish Chasseur du Nord brigade is being delayed while High Command contemplates where to land it.

In Trondheim, the airfield is evacuated. Wellington-1C, Whitley and Blenheim 1 bombers transfer to Bardufoss in the north. The Swordfish, however, do not have the range to make it to Bardufoss, and must wait for the Ark Royal to return before they can fly out.

In the meantime, the British 146th brigade and a couple of support companies move from Trondheim to reinforce the Norwegians at the airfield to buy time for the Swordfish to escape.

Allied turn 7 - Trondheim (click image to enlarge)

Allied turn 7 – Trondheim (click image to enlarge)

The French 13th Foreign Legion regiment lands further north, in Tromso.

Bardufoss is reinforced with a Norwegian mountain battalion, but it moves through Bardufoss to the arctic lake near the Swedish border to establish a frozen lake airfield.

Again, there is no combat from the Allies. They are trying to brace for the coming German storm.

Currently, the Allies have 20 victory points.

The victory point schedule looks like this:

50 or fewer victory points: Decisive German victory

51 – 100 victory points: Marginal German victory

101 – 150 victory points: Marginal Allied victory

151+ victory points: Decisive Allied victory

Allied turn 7 - Narvik (click image to enlarge)

Allied turn 7 – Narvik (click image to enlarge)

If the Allies can control the Narvik area, they gain an additional 100 victory points, and that would give them a total of 120 victory points (if the game were to end as soon as they gain control of the Narvik region), a marginal victory, but a victory nonetheless.

Since the Allies lose victory points for losing troops, they do not want to fight the Germans unless they have to.

Southern Norway is lost. The only hope for victory lies in Narvik…..



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2 thoughts on “Narvik: Allied turn 7 (May 2 – May 5, 1940)

  1. Stephen Gidney on said:

    I see there is a German infantry div HQ in a mountain hex near Trondheim. It’s a few years since I played this but I seem t oremeber a prohibition on non-Mountain Div HQs in mountains? These reports have given me the idea of breaking out the Narvik game updated version in Storm over Scandinavia – I have never played that version


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