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Narvik: Allied Turn 8 (May 6 – May 9, 1940)

Allied turn 8 - south (click image to enlarge)

Allied turn 8 – south (click image to enlarge)

Following defeat in the mountains outside Haugesund, the Norwegians flee northward, deep into the mountains. the French 27th mountain regiment abandons Haugesund and is transported north to Tromso.

Four battalions are raised at mobilization center 5, south of Lillehammer, and all are captured by the Germans.

With the arrival of the HMS Ark Royal, the last group of planes at Trondheim take off for the aircraft carrier just off the coast of Mo. Another group of Swordfish planes leave the carrier and fly to the new frozen lake airfield near Bardufoss.

The Polish Chasseur du Nord brigade lands at Bodo, the end of the road towards Narvik. It sets up a supply base there.

The British are having major supply issues, and it is determined they have to move towards Bodo in an attempt to reach supplies from the Poles.

Trondheim is abandoned by the British 15th brigade, and transported north to Bodo, with Royal Marines and support companies.

The Norwegian 5th brigade and British 146th brigade abandon the Trondheim airfield and start to move north slowly. The 146th Brigade is forced to take the long road because they did not start the turn in a port, and thus cannot move via naval transport.

The British 148th and 24th Guards brigades abandon Namsos, also due to supply issues. They are taken north to Mo. They do not set up a supply base.

Allied turn 8 Mo/Bodo region (click image to enlarge)

Allied turn 8 Mo/Bodo region (click image to enlarge)

All British units are now on their first turn out of supply. [15th, 146th, 24th Guards, 148th]

The Royal navy is reconfigured, as cruisers that were stationed off the southern Norwegian coast are called to the north.

  • Cruisers stationed off Bergen are called to Narvik.
  • Cruisers stationed off Stavanger and Kristiansand are relocated to Mo.
  • Cruisers stationed at Trondheim are moved to Bodo.

Mo is a decent bottleneck that can be used to slow the Germans down temporarily. The Allies are under no illusions that they can stop the German war machine from overrunning the Mo position.

More British troops land in Tromso, including a tank platoon, an artillery battalion, and an AA battery.

The French 5th mountain regiment, tired of waiting, moves in on the German 3rd mountain division and attacks Elvegaardsmoen. Bombers are lunched from the Ark Royal and Bardufoss in an attempt to disrupt the Germans.

The French are joined by the Norwegian 6th brigade from Narvik, while the Norwegian 7th brigade moves into Narvik as a garrison. Both the 6th brigade and 5th regiment interdict the hexsides they cross over.

Allied turn 8 - Narvik (click to enlarge)

Allied turn 8 – Narvik (click to enlarge)

Allied bombing is semi-successful, as the 138th mountain regiment is disrupted, while the 139th is not.

Much to the surprise of the French, the attack odds are 1:1. They had counted on both regiments getting disrupted.

After intense fighting, the combat result is a no effect. The Allies got very lucky that the battle continues rather than the Allies being destroyed.

The plan is to slow the Germans as much as possible up the long spine of Norway, while trying to minimize losses as much as possible. Forced retreats would be preferable, but exchanges are acceptable.

It all comes down to this. the Germans are running out of time. Eight turns have elapsed out of a total of fifteen.

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