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Narvik: German Turn 7 (May 2 – May 5, 1940)

As I was going through the turns this weekend, I discovered I made a minor error with regards to the assault on Oslo a few turns back. The rules state that up to four hexsides can be interdicted in any given attack. I interdicted all 5 escape hexsides (the sixth was a sea hex), when the Norwegians should have had a way out.  While the Norwegians lost a large number of troops, I honestly don’t think it would have had a major impact on the game. They would have possibly been caught a turn or two later and destroyed.

Why didn’t I verify the rule? Because I honestly didn’t think there was a limit to it.

I don’t get every rule perfectly straight, but I will keep this one in mind for the future.

The Germans continue to ship troops to Oslo, landing two regiments from the 163rd division (one infantry, one artillery), and the HQ and motorized regiment from the 11th motorized infantry brigade. One motorized infantry regiment and a company of tanks are sunk in transit, scoring 5 victory points for the Allies.

German turn 7 - south Norway (click image to enlarge)

German turn 7 – south Norway (click image to enlarge)

In addition, one airborne company was destroyed early in the game, and the Allies score 4 victory points for the company not being withdrawn on time [Allied VP: 20].

Most of the movement in Norway is repositioning/consolidation for the assault on Trondheim.

The Luftwaffe destroys the French supply base in Haugesund, while transport planes drop supplies on Oslo.

The 368th regiment/181st division rails into Bergen to capture the city again, also capturing the trucks.

The remnants of the 11th motorized brigade moves out of Oslo after it lands, heading to Trondheim.

The 159th regiment rails from the outskirts of Bergen to rendezvous with divisional headquarters just north of mobilization center 3.

The 198th infantry division rails towards Trondheim to reinforce the assault that is going to come on the city.

The 181st division (sans the regiment that is garrisoning Bergen) rails back to Oslo. It will also be heading north.

German turn 7 - Trondheim (click image to enlarge)

German turn 7 – Trondheim (click image to enlarge)

In the Trondheim area, the 196th division moves into the mountains west of Trondheim airfield.

The 214th division, to the southeast of the Trondheim airfield, waits for the 196th division to get into position for the assault on the airfield.

There was no combat this turn, just movement.

One of the biggest lessons, at least for the Allies is that the supply depots can be no further south that Harstad (in the Narvik area) if they are to have a chance of surviving. At that range, the Luftwaffe is forced to carry reduced bomb loads, giving the Allied supply depots a longer shelf life. However, once the Trondheim airfield falls, there may be some bombers that can carry a full load.

The Germans have two types of strategic bombers, the Ju-88A, with a range of 40 hexes (at some point, this was reduced to 26 hexes, but I don’t remember when), and the He-111H, which has a range of 22 hexes.

In order to ensure the He-111s can even make it to the arctic, they will have to be based in Trondheim, which means the Ju-88s will have to fly with reduced bomb loads.

If the Allied supply depots are deployed to areas south of the arctic, as has been shown, they are sitting ducks for the Luftwaffe.

Essentially, defense of southern Norway is futile.

There was no change in the situation in the arctic for the Germans. The 3rd mountain division is sitting tight in Elvegaardsmoen.




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2 thoughts on “Narvik: German Turn 7 (May 2 – May 5, 1940)

  1. Neil Edwin Roberts on said:

    As I recall you can put a lot of AA into a hex with an Allied supply depot to deter the LW. Works best in hexes where you can place RN CLAAs.


    • Actually, according to my understanding of the rules……

      AA is considered artillery, thus you can only stack a single battalion or two batteries of AA in a given hex.

      Rule 8A – Stacking Limits – For the purposes of stacking, artillery is defined as any unit with the artillery, mountain artillery, flak or antitank symbols (including HQs with such symbols).

      You are correct about the CLA’s, however. Still, it is still likely the base is going to be destroyed at will. Rule 14 states that naval units can only fire at air units bombing ships, ports or bases. I missed the bases part at the top of the next column.

      I’ve often found it silly that the CLAs can’t fire AA in support of ground troops in the hex, but I’m sure the designers know more about it than I do. =)

      You’ve at least answered the question of “what use are these things” for me, and it definitely is another thing to consider.

      Thank you. =)


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