Cardboard Wars

War is the continuation of politics by other means

Narvik: German Turn 8 (May 6 – May 9, 1940)

German turn 8 - south (click image to enlarge)

German turn 8 – south (click image to enlarge)

The German turn starts off poorly, as Allied anti-shipping forces sink the 170th infantry division headquarters, a load of trucks and the 240th artillery regiment/170th division. This scores 8 points for the Allies (28 VP).

The remnants of the 170th division land in Oslo, and have drawn garrison duty.

The 69th infantry division rails to Evje, and moves a little north of the town on the road to Haugesund, waiting for troops to return from the mountains.

Supply trucks pick up supply in Oslo and head out on the road for Trondheim.

The 236th regiment/69th infantry and 334th regiment/181st infantry attack Group Ostbye in the mountains, following a devastating dive bomber attack that disrupts the entire stack.

Despite the -2 die roll modifier for the lack of mountain troops, Group Ostbye is overwhelmed and destroyed (Defender Eliminated)

The 181st infantry leaves Oslo and rails towards Trondheim; the 198th division rails to the outskirts of Trondheim where it is joined by two artillery batteries and a tank company. The 11th motorized brigade joins the 198th, with another company of tanks.

German turn 8 - Trondheim (click image to enlarge)

German turn 8 – Trondheim (click image to enlarge)

The 214th division crosses another group of mountains to arrive on the eastern flank of the Trondheim airfield. The move is not just to flank the airfield,

Once again, the Luftwaffe destroys an Allied supply depot at Namsos.

In the Arctic, the Germans continue to sit and wait, waiting for the eventual Allied attack.

At this point, the fight for southern Norway is academic. Haugesund will fall to the Germans soon, leaving Trondheim and Namsos as the only non-arctic ports the Germans have to capture. Beyond that, victory or defeat lies in the Narvik area.



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