Cardboard Wars

War is the continuation of politics by other means

Narvik PBEM: German Turn 5 (April 24 – 27, 1940)

End of the Beginning

To the North: Stalag Trondheim 

Central Norway (click image to enlarge)

Central Norway (click image to enlarge)

Sensing the danger, the British Army withdrew a brigade from Trondheim and formed a tighter, smaller pocket.  A 3:1 -1 attack on the airbase here resulted in an Attacker Retreat which allowed 12 factors of Mtn troops to “retreat” onto Mob Center 13 and hasten their march north.  There’s no denying we would have preferred to take the airbase, but this is not an unacceptable result for a hasty attack.  The 196th Inf XX HQ is airlifted to the ice airbase, bypassing the Trondheim roadblock (Inf HQ cannot enter mountain hexes).  The Luftwaffe was also busy, destroying a British supply base at Trondheim and placing a 3rd hit on Mo.  Now neither port can sustain a supply base, leaving Bodo as the only base between Trondheim and Narvik.  Four Royal Navy CLAs gather at Bodo to provide defense against the Luftwaffe.  Next turn the RN gets two carriers, 3 Gladiators and a number of Swordfish, but the carriers depart the turn after.  The 2-1-4 arty battery holding the 1-cap frozen lake airfield west of Bodo should be safe because the British Bde in Bodo cannot attack without supplies.

Major parts of two Infantry XX have arrived adjacent to Trondheim and will soon be able to crush any resistance.  So far supplies have been ample and no change is expected in that quarter.

Norwegian POWs (click image to enlarge)

Norwegian POWs (click image to enlarge)

To the South: Norwegian Prisoners

More Norwegian reservists surrender as they realize they cannot face the might of German arms.  By the end of the German turn only 2 of Norway’s 16 Mobilization Centers have units that might actually mobilize.

Two 6-1 -2 attacks net three dead Norwegian battalions, leaving one stack loosely surrounded in the mountains west of Stavanger.  The best they can hope to do is delay their fate.



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