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Narvik PBEM: Allied Turn 10 (May 14 –17, 1940)

The Beginning of the End

Current Allied VP: +37

"What do you think it is?" (click image to enlarge)

“What do you think it is?” (click image to enlarge)

There are a couple of things that Alan said in his last blog post that struck me as a bit odd.

He said that I had said that I was unsure how the game would end. I have a pretty good idea how it will end, but I don’t think it is very sportsmanlike to declare victory on turn 7, 8, 9 or whatever when the games runs a length of 15 turns. It is neither wise, nor nice to show up your opponent. As a player, I have a lot of respect for Alan. He has kept me honest during times that I was screwing the rules up so badly that one had to wonder if I was even reading them.

But, I still see a path to victory for him. That being said, I’m not going to declare myself victorious quite yet. If we were in this position, and it were turn 12, I would feel better about it, but I don’t.

The other thing that he said was that now that he has destroyed the supply base at Bodo, he’s glad he doesn’t have to expose the Luftwaffe to that kind of fire again.

He’s right, he doesn’t have to take that kind of fire if he doesn’t want to, but a new supply base has arrived at Tromso, and will put the Narvik region back into supply (except for poor Harstad, but Harstad isn’t Narvik). In order to stop this, he has to target Tromso, and not only will the antiaircraft firepower be waiting for him, but so will the RAF. Bodo took a big toll on the Luftwaffe (30% casualties, but we drove another 30% away).

Bodo to a smoking pile of rubble, but there was a high price to be paid, in the form of Victory Points for me!.

Allied operations in the arctic (click image to enlarge)

Allied operations in the arctic (click image to enlarge)

I have to abandon Mo now and back up towards Bodo. The Norwegians will stay in Mo to cover the escape, but the Norwegians have volunteered to stay behind and play the role of speed bump.The Allies do not make anyone do anything by force, unlike what the German Ministry of Propaganda would like you to believe. I heard that the Germans are putting the Norwegian POWs to work building the railroad leading north to Mo.

That’s what I’ve heard anyway.

Just sayin’.

As the Norwegians block the Germans and we slip away in the dead of night to make good our escape, our only promise to them is to not let Narvik fall.

We left a note behind for them.

And cab fare.

He did tell me he was surprised that I left as many Norwegians in Mo as I did, instead of just a single 1-4 mountain artillery battery. Honestly, I didn’t even think about it. I have the normal Europa overrun rules stuck in my head, and I just put them in there to prevent an overrun. Of course, overruns aren’t allowed in the Narvik rules, so I probably would have done it differently last night if I had it to do over again. Oh well.

I just need to keep Allied units between the Germans and Narvik, but he won’t attack the combined might of the British and French. He’s steadily feasted on the Norwegians, and even they beat him and drove him off at the Trondheim airfield, and he felt the wrath of the French at Trondheim.

Not once has he attempted to attack the British. I think he fears them.


Allied arctic operations part 2 (click image to enlarge)

Allied arctic operations part 2 (click image to enlarge)

But this is me we’re talking about. One of the things I am best at is snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. The game isn’t over yet. there are still 5 turns left. I think Alan can still make it if he applies himself, but time is not on his side.

The supply base at Tromso, combined with the British LC, can extend the supply net down almost to Bodo. If mountain units were in Bodo, then the supply line would reach Bodo. It has to do with the movement points of the units in question rather than a set distance.

The picture just above shows a number of choke points that can be used to slow the Germans down, but if the supply net falls, all bets are off. In addition, Harstad is now the weak link in the chain, now being on its second turn out of supply. I always forget that the ferry that connects Harstad to the Narvik area costs an extra movement point, until Alan pointed it out to me (for the second time). So, the supply line is 1 hex short, and if he risks a landing, it will be there (with it’s whopping 2 points of defense). Of course, nothing is guaranteed, and he may well be sunk if he attempts it.

I also have some bombers on hand in Bardufoss just in case he gets too close. Then I will unleash the wrath of the Swordfish on him.

Last post, I said that if the supply net falls, I’ll have no choice but to withdraw.

If this were a game of Grand Europa, that would be true, but this game is in a vacuum, and there are not lingering repercussions if I get destroyed.

The Allies currently have 37 victory points. That’s a German decisive victory, if he takes Narvik. For every Allied battalion lost, I lose 2 victory points. So what’s the difference between a German decisive victory when the Allies have 37 points, to a German decisive victory where the British have -47 points (the number of victory points the Allies would have if EVERYTHING is destroyed)? None, whatsoever. It’s still a German decisive victory.

So we stick around if the supply net fails, and just try to stay in his way.


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