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Narvik PBEM: German Turn 10 (May 14 –17, 1940)

No Soup for You!

Luftwaffe bombers flew into the heaviest flak yet to unload on the Allied supply base and port at Bodo.  Allied AA shot well, too well – 30% losses with 1x Ju88, 1x He111 and 1x Me110 and +3 VP, totaling +37.  Glad we won’t have to do that again.

Germans blowing more stuff up (click image to enlarge)

Germans blowing more stuff up (click image to enlarge)

My opponent spoke of being unsure how the game will end.  I am very sure that, short of a miracle, German troops will not be adjacent to Narvik at the end of the game. That is worth +100 VP and will ensure an Allied marginal victory.  At +151 VP the Allied score a strategic victory, so Germany has only 13 points to play with unless she can generate Allied losses.  Killing Norwegian ground units doesn’t get victory points, so I expect the Allies will shove the few remaining Norwegian battalions in front of them as soon as their units in Bodo are halved for being U-2 (Allied turn 11).  My prediction is that the Allies will win on “points” but their position in Norway will be hopeless.  If they dawdle at Bodo perhaps we can cut into that VP total a bit.

Unlike other Europa games attacking units must enter the defending hex and are limited to 2 units of any size plus 1 artillery battalion (or 2 batteries) plus any number of company size non-artillery units.  The best stack the Germans can assemble (including the 214th Inf XX and 3rd Mtn XX) would make a 2:1 -1 attack on Bodo until the Allies hit U-2 (defense halved).  The Allies can try to play a shell game, shipping units between Bodo and a port that is in supply, but my money says they throw a Norwegian Bn under the Wehrmacht bus rather than risk losing VPs.

German Army on the road to Mo (click image to enlarge)

German Army on the road to Mo (click image to enlarge)

Far to the south the Dutch government flees to Britain and resistance in the Netherlands ceases, a French counterattack at Sedan is defeated and Guderian’s Panzers wheel to the west, threatening to cut off Allied troops in Belgium.

Ju-52s from Oslo airlift a 4-4 Inf Regiment of the 181st Inf XX to the frozen lake airfield at 5B:2125.

German Panzer mass for an attack near Sedan (click image to enlarge)

German Panzer mass for an attack near Sedan (click image to enlarge)



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2 thoughts on “Narvik PBEM: German Turn 10 (May 14 –17, 1940)

  1. Mike Phoenix on said:

    Any fresh thoughts about landing at Narvik as German at start of game?


    • Landing at Narvik and holding it is a difficult task. In the second game, the Germans held it for awhile, but the dice were against them, resulting in an exchange that resulted in the destruction of the Germans. That was just pure luck, considering the attack was made at 2:1 odds, but there is a 50% chance of something bad happening to the Germans. The question, once you have it is, how do you hold onto it?

      Fighting your way to Narvik gives the Allies too many options, in my opinion.

      I am already at work developing an invasion plan. I consider these games to be for fun and for experimentation, so I will tell you that you will at least some unorthodox attempts at certain things. We’ll see if it works or not.

      I’m not going to go into detail about here. You’ll have to wait for the next game to see what happens.


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