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War is the continuation of politics by other means

Narvik PBEM: Allied Turn 12 (May 22 –25, 1940)

No Witty Headline

Current Allied VP: +33

The game has reached a point where it doesn’t take me vary long to make my moves, as many of my units are sitting behind their defenses awaiting the onrushing German horde. I have to do the occasional shuffle of units to prevent overstacking when new units arrive, but it is mostly AA at this point in the game. The rest of the move is down south near Bodo, where the Allies are slowly withdrawing from Mo and trying to delay the Germans as much as possible.

Unfortunately, the Germans finally got the best of the Norwegian 6th brigade in the mountains, completely destroying the brigade.

Allied withdrawal at Bodo (click image to enlarge)

Allied withdrawal at Bodo (click image to enlarge)

But the Allies continue their withdrawal.

Supply is hanging by a thread. All Allied units retreat to an area where they can finally receive supplies, and prepare for battle. The port of Bodo has been emptied out and interdicted to prevent a German landing there.

In the north, the Harstad Cha-Cha is taking place across the ferry from Harstad to mainland Norway to keep units in supply. It’s tiresome, but a game that must be played in order to keep units supplied because the Norwegians won’t share. Don’t they understand that we are here to help them?

The Allies in the arctic (click image to enlarge)

The Allies in the arctic (click image to enlarge)

In Britain, Parliament goes into a panic as British troops on the mainland are trapped in northwest Belgium by German Panzer forces, led by Guderian and Rommel. Manstein’s plan is working masterfully.

The order has been given to evacuate all British troops from Norway, but we seem to have not received that order. Signal was breaking up, or something like that.

Here’s where the game stands. The Germans have three turns left, and 144 miles to penetrate.

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