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Narvik PBEM: German Turn 13 (May 26 –29, 1940)

When you hear the pitter-patter of little feet it’s the British Army in full retreat!

Anglo-French forces retreat as fast as they can in front of German troops.  Meanwhile their supply lines are severed by Luftwaffe bombers.  The RAF make a desperate to interception over Tromso, but the air-to-air dice comes up with no losses (the Luftwaffe had a 5 in 6 chance of shooting down at least one British fighter but rolled a 6).  In return Ju88s put three hits on the Polish supply base.  More German planes hit the frozen lake airfield at Narvik and destroyed it.  40 factors of flak at Tromso did manage to shoot down one Me-110C and abort a Ju-88.  The last remaining Allied held port is Alta and it has 2 hits.

The Germans push slowly to Narvik (click image to enlarge)

The Germans push slowly to Narvik (click image to enlarge)

German commanders hope to finally bring out of supply Anglo-French troops to battle during the remaining two turns.

Meanwhile, in France the port of Calais, a mere 26 miles from Dover, falls to German troops on May 27th.  On May 28th the Belgian Army surrenders.  Whatever happens in Norway stays in Norway, it no longer makes the news.


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2 thoughts on “Narvik PBEM: German Turn 13 (May 26 –29, 1940)

  1. mtrphx on said:

    So easy to become hateful re: Luftwaffe.


    • When all that the RAF is sending to counter them is bi-planes and “fighter-bombers”, not much can be accomplished against them. But, they did lose quite a bit. All of their He-111s were destroyed (6), two Ju-88s were lost (so far) out of 9, and three Me-110Cs have been shot down (out of 6). So, out of these 21 squadrons, the Luftwaffe has lost 11, over half (roughly 2.5 counters at regular Europa standards). Only a drop in the bucket, but a lot for this campaign. I’m sure Herr Goering is less than impressed with this outcome.

      Fewer Ju88s were lost because Alan deliberately used He-111s and Me-110s to absorb losses. There’s nothing wrong with that, that’s how the rules are written. I, however, think that the selection of air units shot down should be random. But that’s just me.


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