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Narvik PBEM Allied Turn 15 (June 3 – 6, 1940)

The Allies Emerge Victorious

Allied start of turn Victory Points: +41

After a long struggle and a hard fight, the Allies stave off the German juggernaut and keep them out of Narvik, for now. There is no question that given two or three more turns, the Germans would have eventually burst into Narvik, especially after they take the supply base at Alta down. However, I do have to say that I think there is a turn missing. While the Allies had pretty much abandoned the Norwegians by the end of turn 15 and had bugged out due to events not just in Norway, but in France as well, the Norwegians did not capitulate until the end of turn 16 (June 7 – 10). In fact, the HMS Glorious was not sunk until turn 16.

This game, however, the Germans may not have reached Narvik until turn 18 or 19 (June 15 – 18). My reasoning for this is that the French are back in full supply. The Germans would have had to go after the Alta supply base on turn 16, meaning the Allies would not be starting their second turn out of supply (assuming they could not escape) on the Allied half of turn 17. The Germans would have to attack in an attempt to break through on turn 18, and most likely would have been successful. Barring any more No Effect results, they would have pushed through to Narvik on turn 19.

Allied final positions, turn 15 (click image to enlarge)

Allied final positions, turn 15 (click image to enlarge)

I do have to say that I am shocked and amazed that two British battalions (one infantry and one artillery) were able to hold off two German divisions.

Turn 15 is more backing up, and the evacuations begin. In the West, the British evacuation of Dunkirk is completed, and the Germans turn their attention to France proper. In Norway, the French Alpine regiments crawl back to the supply net, The Allies are showing that they are good at retreating, and hold the mountains overlooking Narvik.

The HMS Glorious and HMS Ark Royal arrive off the coast of Norway, and begin to receive what Swordfish are left at Bardufoss. The Hurricanes and Gladiators can’t land on the carriers (they can only be launched from them), and will have to be destroyed as the Allies evacuate Norway.

That’s pretty much it. Not a lot for the Allies to do, except back up. But we held off the Germans just long enough.

Final Allied Victory Points: +141

Allied Marginal Victory

I’ll take it.


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2 thoughts on “Narvik PBEM Allied Turn 15 (June 3 – 6, 1940)

  1. Alan Tibbetts on said:

    If there were a turn 16 the Luftwaffe would’ve attacked Alta in German player-turn 15 with those 5 air units that bombed the British troops.

    The Hurricane and Gladiator can take off and land on a carrier, but cannot do both in the same turn.


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