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Narvik PBEM: German Turn 15 (June 3 – 6, 1940)

We can’t roll our way out of a wet paper bag

Continuing with the cursed country theme from last turn Germany flew two major air mission.  One to Bardufoss to bomb Swordfish and the other to support the ground attack (totally unnecessary).  RAF fighters obliged the Luftwaffe over Bardufoss for a change and the Germans rolled at 3:1 with a 5 in 6 chance of eliminating one or both RAF squadrons.  Missed with a 6, surprise, surprise.  The Brits fire back with a 1:3 and shoot down one Me110 and abort another.  The three Ju88s survive flak and manage 2 hits (mind you this is the 3rd bombing raid on this airbase and the first to get any hits).  As I mentioned 4x Ju88s and 1x Me110 supported the ground attack, but that was already going in at the maximum of 6:1.  Both British Bns were hit, but only because it didn’t make any difference.   We would’ve bombed the flak trap at Alta to shut down the last Allied supply source if there were more turns.

Speaking of ground attacks, that 6:1 +/-0 resulted in yet another No Effect.  A fitting way for the dice to remind me that a 50% chance to eliminate some British troops is just a special kind of tease.

The game will end in a Norwegian (Allied) marginal victory.  Exactly what I expected 7 turns ago.  Had the dice been a little more cooperative the VP total would’ve been lower, but not in this cursed country.

Final Axis position, turn 15 (click image to enlarge)

Final Axis position, turn 15 (click image to enlarge)

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4 thoughts on “Narvik PBEM: German Turn 15 (June 3 – 6, 1940)

  1. This is not just the best AAR I’ve ever run into it’s the only one I’ve tracked from Turn 1 and stayed with until the very end. My compliments to both of you for the quality of this effort in every respect. Will you be doing post mortems, I hope? How soon will you start Game II, Fire in the Fiords?


    • I intend to do a post game, and I’ve sent feelers out to Alan to see if he wants to write one, but I’m sure he can sum his up in two words:

      “Bad luck.”

      We are resetting to do a final game with me as the Germans. I’m in the midst of planning the operation. I just need to know where he is putting his Norwegian air force before I will finalize my plans.

      Hopefully I won’t have the bad luck that he had. =)


  2. To me, yeah, certainly seems a die role analysis is in order.

    And another random number creater used.

    If both the results chart and the die role were randomized, would be pretty tough to deal with a bad series of results. Electronically it would be easy, just once the odds are determined and the DR’s entered such that the specific possible results are known, have the results randomize so a 1 result could be just the opposite of that on a set chart.

    And sigh, what I would give for Europa to shift to percentile results.

    Ain’t gonna happen, but might be fun.


    • Alan contacted the staff of the website, but they said that they checked it and the distribution appeared to be okay. I personally felt it tended to roll high, except for when Alan was attacking or bombing.

      I think he was just suffering from bad luck, and the frustration towards the end was starting to show.

      As for me, I don’t know how a percentile system would work. Of course, that’s why I only play the games and don’t design them. =D


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