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Narvik PBEM 2: Allied Turn 6 (April 28 – May 1, 1940)

The Empire Strikes Back! Again!!!

Herr Goebbels issued a “triple dog dare” for the RAF to stage another air raid on the Luftwaffe.  And we did . . again!  His Majesty’s Ships Ark Royal and Glorious maneuvered under the very noses of the Luftwaffe and launched a strike, joined by Bomber Command and No. 2 Group from Hatston Field to strike even deeper into Nazi occupied Europe.  This time 4 German fighter squadrons tried to intercept the 10 RAF bomber squadrons, but no air units were lost or aborted on either side.  (A series of 5’s were rolled in 1:1 and 1:2 attacks.)  Another squadron of precious Ju-88s was destroyed in the raid on Danish airbases.  Herr Goering must be a bit red faced this morning, we wonder what explanation he has to offer his master for the latest Luftwaffe debacle.

In the mountains east of Stavanger Norse troops once again outmaneuvered the plodding columns of German troops sent to find them.

Norwegian operations in south Norway (click image to enlarge)

Norwegian operations in south Norway (click image to enlarge)

In central Norway Allied forces surrounding POW Camp Trondheim allowed the Germans to expand the camp to prevent overcrowding, but immediately increased the guard force to forestall any escape.  A supply base lands at Andalsnes to meet the needs of British forces and ensure German POWs are properly cared for.  Next turn the Allies get their Landing Craft (LC) which can function as a supply base.

The Allies react to the Trondheim breakout (click image to enlarge)

The Allies react to the Trondheim breakout (click image to enlarge)

In the far north an allied supply base is established at Bodo to support the French maneuvering north to surround Germany’s 3rd Mountain Division.  Allied CLAs are re positioned to provide coverage of ports vital to the logistical support of ground troops.

Allied operations around Narvik (click image to enlarge)

Allied operations around Narvik (click image to enlarge)

Overall I am pleased with the lack of Germany progress, but too many Germans are making it past the naval interdiction table.  Tony has suffered less than average losses whereas in my turn as Germany transit losses were horrific. The situation near Narvik is coming to a head and a flood of German units will soon be pouring up those valleys toward Trondheim.  My opponent might risk a low odds and negative DRM attack to hasten the breakout from “POW Camp Trondheim” but he needs to watch his back there as well.  I’m confident enough Norwegians will make their way around Trondheim to confound the German advance.  Another positive note is that the RAF has been able to get in some licks. The dwindling number of German medium bombers means it will take longer for him to bomb out my supply bases, subjecting those same bombers to more AA rolls.  Plus, the arrival of the LC ensures many turns of supply to Allied units holding the line around and east of Trondheim.


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One thought on “Narvik PBEM 2: Allied Turn 6 (April 28 – May 1, 1940)

  1. The Ministry of Propaganda would like to take a few moments to correct some of the distortions uttered by the Ministry of Truth.

    1. The Royal Navy did NOT take us up on the Triple Dog Dare. Instead, they chose to hit another airbase entirely (even though Stavanger did not have its AA guns in place). The Luftwaffe, in their generosity, fired a few warning shots in hopes of showing the British the folly of their ways, but they continued on, and did little real damage.

    2. Again, the distortions that destroying the strategic air fleet is somehow “making it harder” for the Luftwaffe to perform its role of destroying the Allied supply net. Ask Namsos how that worked for them.

    3. The Norwegians in the SW “outmaneuvered” The German army “plodding” along behind them. As of this writing, they are now trapped and not going anywhere.

    4. The British landing craft is an overrated propaganda tool. 😛

    Those responsible have been sacked.


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