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Narvik PBEM2: German Turn 8 (May 6 – 9, 1940)

Running up the white flag

Sad and disturbing news coming from Narvik. Dear Leader is not happy, and has decided to launch an attack on France, effective next turn.

But does anyone honestly believe that the Allies have scored a “decisive” victory? Just because they recaptured Narvik? I mean, decisive to me would be driving the Germans out of Norway, and we all know that isn’t going to happen.

I am not being snarky, or taking anything away from what Alan has done. He whipped me. I can’t even claim that it was all SIWs, because it wasn’t. That only amounted to a fraction of the debacle. I am, however, looking at the results through a historical lens.  Would Germany have sent more men and material to finish the job? After the Battle of France (up until May of 1941), their army mostly sat around and trained. Would a couple more divisions have finished Alan off?

Having extended their supply line to the limit through the use of the LC, the Luftwaffe raids Mo, and comes through what little AA there is at the port unscathed, and demolish that port as well. If the Allies are planning on bottling up Namsos, they are running out of supply lines. Bodo is the only port remaining to them that could even conceivably reach Namsos, and it won’t be around much longer.

German operations near Trondheim (click image to enlarge)

German operations near Trondheim (click image to enlarge)

The push out of Trondheim continues, as the 367/214th infantry, in conjunction with the captured Norwegian artillery attacks south, alongside a southward attack by by the 112th mountain artillery regiment of the now defunct 3rd mountain infantry division. The artillery regiment is broken down just in case of an HX result, and attacks into the mountains to prevent a -2 DRM.

That was a wise decision. Although the Norwegains failed to see the attacks coming, they still fought hard, a Half Exchange result in both hexes, resulting in the loss of two artillery battalion, one which was a mountain battalion.

But the Germans are now at the heads of the valleys, on the brink of trapping Allied units in the valley, while the buildup of the 1st Mountain Division continues in Trondheim.

The push continues up the Osterdal (the valley in the east), and up the Gudbrandsdal in the west. In the Osterdal (to the east), the Norwegians were disrupted by bombing, and failed their retreat check, but still managed to hold off attacking German forces, and getting a No Effect result, holding their ground.

In the Gudbrandsdal (to the west), the Norwegians do run out of there as they realize they are about to be attacked. Meanwhile, German forces, including a pair of mountain battalions sweep around them in the mountains to the west.

In the west, the surrounded units are destroyed, but not without cost, The forces pushing to Bergen force another retreat.

3 HX’s and an NE. How frustrating.

This is likely the last German turn, but I’ve learned a lot from this game. Alan whipped me, and whipped me bad. I’m sure he’s going to whip me at Torch as well, which will be starting soon. Back to the normal Europa rules.

Now, the question is, did I learn anything from this experience?

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2 thoughts on “Narvik PBEM2: German Turn 8 (May 6 – 9, 1940)

  1. Well, I certainly learned a lot about the playing of Narvik from your two games. Very enjoyable and looking forward to Torch.


  2. It pleases me immensely to have helped anyone learn more. I certainly learned a lot, not just about the game, but history in general.


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