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Torch PBEM: Allied Nov I 42 Turn – RESET

Let’s Try That Again!

Taking Bizerte on the first turn ruins the game.  Given the lack of interest HMS has shown in answering rules questions Tony and I forged ahead and came to an agreement along the following lines:

  • We will resume the game part way thru the Allied movement phase, keeping several die rolls from our previous attempt (to avoid “double jeopardy”). 
  • Ports captured during the invasion turn will have half the normal port capacity during the Nov I 42 regular turn. 
  • Naval movement by c/m units will cost 4 MP instead of 2. 
  • Neither side may land at Vichy uncontrolled ports via naval movement. 
  • The 1-8 Commando Bn (Br) at Port Lyautey is teleported into the floating reserve. 
  • We have found someone willing to be our rules arbiter. 

Now resetting (click)!

Reinforcements (Torch allows them to “arrive” in the movement phase without using on-map shipping capacity): The British 2-5 Para Bde lands at the Allied controlled port of Mostaganem, just east of Oran. One of the four steps of supply lands at Casablanca, the other three are held for future use.

Both 1-8 Commando Bns in the floating reserve land amphibiously at the Vichy (uncontrolled) port of Bone (quick note: this is legal for the floating reserve).  Meanwhile all but a few Allied unit in Algeria moves as far as they can east.  One exception is the third commando battalion, adjacent to Alger.  It moves west, capturing the major port of Alger, the nearby airbase and all the rail hexes leading east to the map 24/25 line.  US Infantry which landed near Oran has captured the rail line coming east and now a long stretch of Allied owned rail/road is available to speed movement in the next turn.  The US 3-8 Engineer Rgt has moved to the airbase south of Oran and awaits air transport.

Allied troop movements in Algeria (click image to enlarge)

Allied troop movements in Algeria (click image to enlarge)

There is limited movement in Morocco as all units there have half movement.  A single US fighter arrives to aid the defense of the supply nexus at Casablanca.  Allied movement has carefully avoided all Vichy held rail depots except Alger.  They want that rail cap to “join” them with Morocco and Algeria in the Allied Nov II turn.  Capturing rail depots now will destroy half the rail cap.  Alger was taken for its port capacity.

Allied troop movements in Morocco (click image to enlarge)

Allied troop movements in Morocco (click image to enlarge)

In the Allied air phase 3x US C47 transport:

  • 540th Engr Rgt (3-8) to the port of Philippeville 
  • II/509 Para Bn (1-5) to Souk Ahras 
  • 1st Para Bde (Br) (2-5) to Tebessa on the Tunisian frontier 

B-17s staged from Gibraltar fly a port bombing mission at Souse in Tunisia and miss with 17 SBF (required me to roll a 1).  A Blenheim 5 stages from Gibraltar and then flies an extended range DAS mission for the II/509th Para Bn at Tebessa.  This allows the Blen 5 to remain on mission until the next Allied air phase, thus saving airbase capacity.  Large numbers of Allied fighters and bombers transfer or arrive at airbases all over Algeria.  Three Spit 5 units are held back to arrive in the Nov II turn after Algeria “joins” the Allies (providing more airbases).

Here’s the situation near the Tunisian frontier.

The situation in Tunisia, Nov I 1942 (click image to enlarge)

The situation in Tunisia, Nov I 1942 (click image to enlarge)


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6 thoughts on “Torch PBEM: Allied Nov I 42 Turn – RESET

  1. Applause and respects to all concerned for all the good work in resolving the rules. Glad to see the game rolling again, too. Request: Please consider updating the “Narvik CRT” link in the header. The correct CRT is very different, I do believe. Frankly, having many of the charts available would be a real blessing…but you already know that. And, no, I’ve no interest in upsetting the “copyright” gods either. Please carry on…excellent fun.


    • I’m happy to be going again, too. I would much rather play than decipher rules, but we both have our own interests to protect. =)

      The CRT is from the GDW Narvik game from the 1980s. It is up to date for that game. It is not the one from Storm over Scandinavia.


      • Hmmm…seems I failed to state my point…the Narvik CRT doesn’t work for this desert game, right? Or, maybe I’m wrong? That’s what I was trying to request.


        • You would like someone to post the Ground and Air CRTs for Torch, correct?


        • The Narvik CRT came packaged with the Vassal gameboard, so it was easy to capture a screenshot and post it. I don’t own a scanner, so I can’t scan the card in. Alan might be able to, but that’s entirely up to him.

          The only two items that are remotely similar to each other is the bombing table, but the Torch/WitD chart includes a 0 result so the heavy bombers can still miss……


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