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Torch PBEM: Allied Nov II 42 Turn

It’s hard to play with both hands tied behind your back!

We wouldn’t be so paranoid if the rules weren’t out to get us.  Rail cap is a paltry 1 RE even though we own 8 REs of capacity.  Port capacity is also limited this turn by the rules.  The rain is coming and we need to move faster than this!  Where is General Patton when you need him?

Morocco and Algeria “join” the Allies!  This brings lots of rail cap, the port of Oran (usable next turn), some good air units and a fair number of low-grade ground units which cannot enter Tunisia (rules again).  Unfortunately most of the ground units are far from the Tunisian border and airfields within useful range are clogged with RAF and USAAF aircraft.

Many REs of Allied units sit off-map awaiting port capacity in Algeria.  Most will land next turn.  The 1 Gds Inf X tried to land at Philippeville but was turned back by Axis anti-shipping forces.  A 2 was rolled on the naval results table, 1 less and it would’ve been sunk.  The Americans land three 2-8 Engineer Rgts, two of which are flown directly to the front.  All components of the British 6th Armoured XX land at ports outside the Axis anti-shipping zone (Alexander takes no chances with this unit) and begin the long drive up the coast, making it just short of Philippeville.  If the weather holds one more turn they will reach the front line. Speaking of Philippeville, the 540th Engr Rgt starts construction of an airbase there.

During exploitation CCB/2 Armored X runs a quick raid into Tunisia to take ownership of the road leading towards Bizerte and then stakes out a defensive position in a woods hex adjacent to the Tunisian border along with the US Motorized Arty Bde.  They receive DAS from two heavily escorted Blen 5.  Further south British Paras and commandos push out from Souk Ahras to hold the mountain hex on the Tunisian border.  In the far south Tebessa is reinforced with a 2-8 Engr Rgt.  A 3-4-6 French Infantry XX is 1 turn’s march away, if the weather holds.

The Allied approach to Tunisia (click image to enlarge)

The Allied approach to Tunisia (click image to enlarge)

Two B-17’s escorted by an RAF Bftr 6 bomb the port at Souse, putting it out of action.  Elsewhere a P38 makes an unsuccessful airfield attack.  A LeO.451 of the French Air Force stages and makes a port bombing run at Sfax, getting a hit. Axis fighters make some patrol attacks but decline to intercept.

US, British and French ground units in Algeria and Morocco march hastily toward the Tunisian frontier. (Note: only a few can use Admin Movement due to Vichy ownership of territory at the beginning of the turn.)   The three French air units at Marrakech transfer to more useful locations.

Allied movements in Algeria (click image to enlarge)

Allied movements in Algeria (click image to enlarge)

Allied garrison of Morocco (click image to enlarge)

Allied garrison of Morocco (click image to enlarge)


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One thought on “Torch PBEM: Allied Nov II 42 Turn

  1. Sousse isn’t knocked out yet. It’s a standard port, and can take 2 more hits before being knocked out. But I’m sure the Vichy appreciate you bombing their ports. I hope they are reconsidering “joining” you. =D


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