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Torch: Allied Dec II 42

The End is Beginning

French North Africa enjoys another turn of clear weather and the cautious Allies use it to further their cause.  A stack of German c/m has imprudently advanced to Beja with uncovered flanks, allowing the Allies to surround it with ZOCs.  Best of all, no Axis DAS.  US and British units move from afar to make the best attack possible and a leaning tower of air support, both GS and DAS, is assembled over Beja.

Allied operations in Tunisia (click image to enlarge)

Allied operations in Tunisia (click image to enlarge)

Patrol attacks by Axis fighters turn back an A-20B on GS, but the 7 Allied fighters on escort are so intimidating that there is no interception.  The defenders then fire 4 points of flak and miss. With air support the attack goes in at 6:1 -2 (5.5 DF, 27 AF, 9 GS, 1/5 AECA, ½ AECD, rough terrain).  Our electronic dice come up with a 3 -2 = 1 = DR, but with the ZOCs and no adjacent Axis units the stack is eliminated.  That’s the end of 3-10* PzG Rgt (another component of 10th Pz XX), 2-1-10 Pz Bn, 2-10 Mot Hvy AA Rgt and 2-10 Mot Rgt.  A supported stack of three US units totaling 6 DF advances into Beja, covered by 6 points of DAS, including the code T Hurricane.

Elsewhere in Tunisia CCB of 2nd Armored XX has moved adjacent to Gabes, gaining control of the coastal road leading to Libya.  DAS is flown over that hex so they must be planning on hanging out.  Further north a US Tank Bn advances toward Sousse from Kasserine and a 3-8* US Inf Rgt occupies Kasserine itself, again covered by DAS.  Two American engineer regiments combine to quick construct an airbase at Bone, then use their remaining MPs to repair port hits.

Allied air forces are also busy.  A harassment hit is placed on Sousse, just enough to keep the Italian 2-10 Motorized Rgt from gaining a flanking position on CCB.  Heavy bombers visit Cagliari again, getting another VP for naval harassment while medium bombers paste Sousse, putting it out of commission with a 4th port hit.

During exploitation 2/CCB moves south along the coastal road, placing hits on two airbases, then moves back to its start hex.  The US Tank Bn near Sousse advances one more hex, places a rail and airbase hit, then joins the Infantry Rgt at Kasserine.  The Allies are still playing it safe, trying to give the Axis little opportunity to strike back.  The lone exception is the position at Beja.  If the Axis want to attack 12 DF they will need every unit they can muster, most likely leaving them exposed to more Allied attacks.  Did I mention there are 7 Allied fighters within intercept range of Beja?  Bring it!

Tunisia: Post Allied Movement (click image to enlarge)

Tunisia: Post Allied Movement (click image to enlarge)


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