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Torch PBEM: Game Suspended

I really hadn’t anticipated this, but the Torch game between Alan and myself has been suspended for now.

I am leaving tomorrow morning to drive cross country from Oregon to Arkansas and will not return until after the first of the year. It is going to be a month that is going to drive me crazy, not having access to this game.

Once I return, the game will resume (I hope) with the January II 1943 turns.

Until then, I will be completely off the grid.

Happy holidays, everyone, and stay safe.

And don’t stick your corps out there without any support from friendly troops.


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3 thoughts on “Torch PBEM: Game Suspended

  1. 29delta on said:

    Well…drive carefully.


  2. alant14 on said:

    We did comlete the Allied Jan II turn and I will attmept to post it.


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