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Torch: Axis Feb II 43


Getting these turns finished and posted is taking longer than I would like. My life has become non-stop chores, and I have very little leisure time to follow up on any of this.

Couple that with my cat deciding to play “knock the pen around the map”, and the desire to play just leaves you, because now you have to sort through everything, hope all the counters are there, and set it all back up. My cat doesn’t normally get up there. He’s too fat to make the jump, but he saw a pen, and I left my chair out where he could jump on it, and onto the table. He couldn’t resist the pen.

As a result of this, I don’t have any pictures to share.

The Allies have cut Rommel’s forces off, due to lack of fuel with which to get away. The forces in Sousse have been isolated due to harassment bombing, and Tunis has fallen. Honestly, I wonder what took him so long to take it. It wasn’t like it was a strong outpost or anything.

In anticipation of the city falling, all air units were put on interception and escaped the city before it fell. Now the last outpost is Bizerte.

If you look at the post exploitation map of the Allies last turn, it struck me as odd that he put CCB/2nd Armored Division, which had been destroyed last turn by Rommel during his escape attempt last turn, has been replaced and left outside Bizerte all by itself.


Here comes 10th Panzer, reinforced by the 501st heavy Tank battalion (Tigers) into and through Bizerte to attack the hapless Americans, again.

The results of the battle are a Defender Half Eliminated, but since he is only a single unit, it is destroyed outright. Again.

Combat Command B. Born Nov I 42, Died Feb I 43, reborn Feb II 43, died again Feb II 43.

I can do this all day. Or for the rest of the game if he wants to continue to set it up so I can knock them down.

Rommel’s remaining forces are toast, trapped in southern Tunisia with nowhere to go. Oh, sure, the Allies left a door open, but that isn’t the direction I want to go. They will effectively slow Montgomery down for another turn while he sets up his chess board to take them out.

Axis forces in Sousse can’t escape, either. They, too, are out of supply, and the port has been knocked out. Harassment prevents them from going very far, so the best option here is to just stay put and deny the Allies the airbase for as long as possible.

Nothing really exciting from the Axis. Bizerte is being built up like the Alamo. The Allies are rearranging the deck chairs. They are really good at rearranging deck chairs.

The Allies have had amazing luck with the weather rolls. I’ve never seen so much clear weather in Africa during this time period.

Maybe it will continue and this game ends sooner rather than later. I know I am very weak at this game, but I have seen a few things I could do better.

The problem for me is that most of the Axis non-divisionals are unsupported on their own, ;leaving them weak and vulnerable. Especially without a big, bad Panzer division to protect them. There is only one engineer unit worth a crap for most of the game.

So, we sit and wait for the Allied assault on Bizerte. The rest is all sideshow. I will build up and hold on as long as i can.

Another 10 VPs for the Axis for not surrendering, bringing their total to +40.


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3 thoughts on “Torch: Axis Feb II 43

  1. Ugh, the dreaded Cat Attack, 1D6 with +6 DRM…. If the Axis are put out of their missery soon, will that mean they loose fewer troops than historical? Might be seen as some kind of plus.


  2. alant14 on said:

    I was expecting the Germans to at least try to airlift something out of Sousse.


  3. Given that I am running out of air cover, I felt that using air transports in the area was not a good idea.


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