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Torch PBEM: Allied Mar II 43 Turn

Here Comes the Rain Again

There’s no counting on the weather. February is clear as a bell and it rains every day in March. During their initial phase the Allies complete an airbase at 25:3010 and begin two more while 2x Spit5, a B-24C and a British 5-3-8 Art X are replaced. The 11-9-6 Mxd XX and three Brit Infantry Bdes arrive at Alger but a US Hvy AA Rgt headed for Tunis is sunk. Allied crew chiefs repair 6 of 7 air units.

The weather makes hash of the offensive plans Allied leaders so badly wanted to execute.  Instead of assaulting Bizerte the Allies settle for an all-out air offensive. Al components of US 2nd Armored XX (the most potent Allied unit) are now nearing Bizerte.

– Cagliari Naval Harassment raid nets 1hit and 1 VP

– Four Axis fighters attempted to bypass the escorts and stop the Allies from bombing air unit at 25:3001. Air-to-air combat results in two KIA Italian fighters for one aborted US bomber. Allied bombs fall wide yet again.

– A second air unit bombing mission against Pantelleria saw both Axis interceptors again try to bypassed. The Me210A gets shot down in its first appearance while the FW-190G kills a B-25C. A hit makes the Stuka Inop.


Situation in the north.

Everyone is waiting for Tunisia’s weather to clear and the artillery barrage which will  signal the coming assault on Bizerte.


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5 thoughts on “Torch PBEM: Allied Mar II 43 Turn

  1. 29delta on said:

    Historically, what was the 11-9-6 Mxd XX about, if you please?


    • Mark Owens on said:

      To further Alant14’s reply, the Brits experimented with a ‘combined arms’ division, something akin to a pz grenadier/mech division, but the experiment did not work out well doctrinally nor in fact of actual usage.
      There were two more of these conversions in Great Britain, although I forget their numbers. After the test run in Tunisia, the Chiefs decided that it worked better to have the infantry divisions intact, officially supported by the supporting armor brigades.
      I don’t recall the TORCH OB so well anymore, but I think the Brit 4th division converts back to standard TOE and frees the armor brigade even with the confines of the Tunisian Campaign.

      Mark O.


    • 29delta on said:

      So, this mixed div seems to have been an attempt to build a division of leg infantry with the type of tank designed to work with infantry, and yet, it didn’t work? There for they stayed with attaching infantry tanks with infantry as needed? Odd. But then again, I’ve always found the Brit love of infantry tanks odd.


  2. alant14 on said:

    It is a Division containing 2x Inf X and 1x Tank X. The Brits had a series of “Infantry Support” tanks, something like the 6-4-6 Tank X already in the game.


  3. alant14 on said:

    Here comes the Rain Again


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