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Torch: Axis Mar II 43

After I posted my last entry for the Axis, Alan came out and said that he destroyed Rommel’s forces because he knew I could not replace them.


For the record, the 21st Panzer Division is now sitting in Bizerte, along with an infantry replacement point, awaiting the arrival of the 15th Panzer Division.

I went through my replacement pool and scrapped mostly airborne units, because they cannot be replaced. I take a hit VP-wise, but that’s okay. We are having a slight disagreement about how the VPs are allocated in this case. I don’t think they should be subject to double jeopardy, but that’s just me. (We really haven’t had that many rule disagreements over the course of play)

I also replaced an Italian armored division, which I probably shouldn’t have, because they are stuck in Sicily. I probably should have banked the RPs, but I think it is 6 one way, half a dozen the other. I don’t get VPs for having the RPs banked, but using them costs him VPs as well.

Axis army trapped in Bizerte (click image to enlarge)

Axis army trapped in Bizerte (click image to enlarge)

The forces sitting in Bizerte are as follows:

12-10 Panzer XX (10th)

9-10 Panzer XX (21st)

4-6 Italian Infantry XX (1st)

3-10 motorized heavy AA III (HG/6 points AA)

2 x 2-10 motorized heavy AA III (55th & 102nd/4 points AA each)

4-5-8 artillery III (2 Afr)

4-5-8 motorized artillery III (1 Afr)

For a total defense of 42 DF.

I have to sit and recalculate how the Allies are going to attack.

The best attack force the Allies can come up with, without triggering ATEC penalties (Bizerte is fortified, so he needs to keep his armor ratio down below 1/2, or in this case, a maximum of 11 REs/24) is 104. This means that he already has a 2:1 combat ratio locked in. In order to obtain a 3:1 ratio, he has to successfully get 22 points of ground support overhead, which I think is highly unlikely. I am assuming at this point, that he will have a 2:1 ratio.

Of course, he may also throw his OSS Sage battalion into the fray in order to offset the -1 DRM of the fort. This would reduce his attack force to 100 AF, still good enough for a 2:1, but requiring more aircraft be able to survive the AA.

Of course, if his initial attack fails, his commando unit =goes by by, and he is stuck with the -1 DRM.

While he is busy rearranging the deck chairs, he will likely attack the weak, lonely Italian units at Sousse. He is angling to maximize victory points. I would have ignored them in favor of concentrating on Bizerte, but I’m not in charge of his army. If I was, I would have had the whole fleet pack up and go back home.

Axis VPs stand at 60, and the Allies have 29.

I am getting excited that he may attack Bizerte soon. I want to see if he can take it. If he does, I want to see an exchange occur.

Maximum damage!




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9 thoughts on “Torch: Axis Mar II 43

  1. 29delta on said:

    So how many Allied attack phases are there between now and the stated Axis goal of surviving to end of April turn?


  2. alant14 on said:

    The Allies will attack Bizerte in April I, probably with a 3:1 +/-0 after piling on their air force. At 3:1 there is a 1/6 chance of NE. Unless something goes terribly awry this should result in an Allied Marginal Victory.


  3. 29delta on said:

    Thanks to you both for your replies. If the German for whatever reason where to try to evacuate what ever is possible, what might that look like if the player were to risk all to get whatever out? Thank you.


    • The game doesn’t incentivize the Axis to pull out of Africa. If Second Front were attached, the defense of Sicily/italy would be an incentive, but I don’t have to do that. The campaign is in a vacuum.


      • 29delta on said:

        I rather expected that to be true, tony, but, is it even possible to try at all?


        • Oh, sure, you can try, but you are limited to 3 REs per turn, which isn’t a whole heck of a lot. You can get one or two units out (possibly 3 if you are shipping non-divisionals), but that leaves your supply terminal so weak that the rest will be overrun quickly. Not to mention that they have to run the Allied anti-shipping gauntlet again.


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