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What Campaign Should Be Next?

Marita-Merkur still has a few turns before it is finished, but my mind is already wandering to the next one. I want to know what you think, what you want to see, and I want to give this poll some time to get some responses before Marita-Merkur is finished. I am also open to challengers, but you have to be willing to make a write up about your turn. Refer back to Torch. I’m an easy mark.

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5 thoughts on “What Campaign Should Be Next?

  1. 29delta on said:

    Well, to start with, do you THINK you can move the Grk Arty in such a fashion that it does not die for any other reason that it’s parked in MUD? And perhaps, just maybe, I don’t know, really, you can apply the ONLY Grk double impulse unit in such a manner that you don’t kill it in an EXCHANGE. OMG, man!


    • Yes, taking the artillery off the roads was a mistake, an oversight with winter coming on. Yes, the 3-8 motorized xx could move in exploitation, but it was sacrificed to save a 5-6 infantry xx which can move through the mountains more quickly. I said at one point that deciding which units to eliminate is not an easy chore. But the motorized xx was sacrificed for the greater good. =)


  2. 29delta on said:

    Oh, and for a Campaign, how about one of the Finish war games? Seems small enough for a solitaire effort.


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