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TDDH: The Battle of the China Sea Redux (Jan IV 1942)

It has come to my attention that after the first round, the destroyers (and torpedo boats) have expended all their torpedoes. So, the battle will have to be redone. I do review the rules, but still miss some time to time, and I realize this makes the experience a bit disjointed. I am trying to improve this. So here is the Battle of the China Sea redone.

Round 1: Torpedo range (gunnery fire and torpedo fire occurs simultaneously):

Prior to any combat, all torpedo attacks are declared:

  • Tomo-1 (IJN – Tomozuro class torpedo boats) vs. Merchant-1 (USN): miss
  • Waka-1 (IJN – Wakatake class destroyers) vs. Merchant-2 (USN): hit; 1 damage, 131r & 148r artillery battalions sunk
  • Kuma (IJN – Kuma class cruiser) vs. Merchant-3 (USN): miss
  • PT-1 (USN) vs. Waka-1 (IJN): miss


  • USS Pensacola (USN) vs. Waka-1 (IJN): miss
  • Maru-1 (IJN – seaplane tender, minelayer, survey ship (???)) vs. IP-1 (USN): hit; 1 damage, IP-1 sunk
  • IP-1 (USN – inshore patrol) vs. Maru-1 (IJN) : miss

All torpedoes are depleted at this time. The USN attempts to withdrawm while the IJN attempts to maintain range. both sides withdraw. Range opens to destroyer range.

Round 2: Destroyer range:

The American torpedo boats are the only boats that can be hit by either side, so for giggles, the Waka-1 fires at, hits and sinks the PT-1 torpedo boats.

Both sides attempt withdrawal, and ultimately, the USN escapes.

The Battle of the China Sea, part 2 (exploitation phase)

This battle stands as is, with the exception of the Maru-1 being sunk. Since the Pensacola was always trying to withdraw, it could not hit the Maru. However, it did not need the speed advantage to escape because I was rolling so low for range determination.

An artillery regiment, the armor replacement point, and resource points survive, and they are currently docked at Zamboanga:

  • 147th Texas National Guard artillery regiment
  • 3 resource points
  • 1 armor replacement point

Regardless, it was still a pretty silly move leaving those transports out of port thinking that th eJapanese wouldn’t mess with them.

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2 thoughts on “TDDH: The Battle of the China Sea Redux (Jan IV 1942)

  1. I’m surprised the Japanese didn’t go back for the 2nd round with their reloads.


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