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TDDH: Mar III 1942


Manila +1

The Japanese are rolling again. with a fresh infusion of troops, the subjugation of Luzon is becoming easier. Olongapo has fallen, and the forces in Bataan have been cut off. It is now only a matter of time before Luzon falls.

In order to facilitate the final annexation of the islands, it is time to use more victory points to speed up some production.

Eight replacement points are now available at Formosa, along with another resource point. Six of these replacement points are spent on the 33rd light regiment from the 16th division, to bring the division back to full strength. There are 8.5 replacement points already on Luzon, and 2 more coming in, making a total of 10.5 replacement points on the island.

Eight victory points are spent for 1 naval repair point to repair the damaged LC at Formosa. Forty more are spent on 20 replacement points, to rebuild the 52nd mountain infantry division. A lot, I know, but I feel these will be easily made up. It is part of the cost of having taken a high number of casualties on Luzon.

Weather Roll:

  • Zone 11: Clear/Calm
  • Zone 12 Clear/Calm
  • Zone 13: Clear/Calm

One half of the naval repair point is used to repair the LC at Formosa.

The Allied forces at Marivelles and Corregidor are still U-1.

The 52nd mountain division and 33rd light regiment are loaded up and taken to Batangas, where they are unloaded. 10 MPs spent by NGs The 2 replacement points and resource point are taken to Lucena and offloaded.

Having realized that there was no transport sent to pick up the repaired LC, a transport is quickly dispatched to Formosa to retrieve it. (I had not originally thought about repairing it, so I never sent a transport to get it)

Japanese movement (click image to enlarge)

Japanese movement (click image to enlarge)

The Japanese troops sit and wait for Allied supplies to dwindle, and for stronger forces to arrive. As they do so, they shuffle their forces around between the 14th and 16th corps, to make sure that both are within the stacking limits. Two light divisions and and engineer battalion cross the mountainous jungle from 16th corps to the 14th corps, while the 4th infantry division withdraws to Olongapo for replacement.

Once the 4th infantry has been rebuilt, it will be tasked with taking control of the Visayan Islands. Then Mindanao can be targeted. I don’t thin the Japanese have to capture every port on that island, just the major ones and the airbases.

The 16th corps will be reinforced by the 23Dr engineer battalion, and the 52nd mountain and 16 light infantry divisions, which have moved by rail to San Fernando after debarking the transports.

Iba also becomes Japanese owned when the 51/21 mountain artillery regiment moves into the town.

Japanese exploitation (click image to enlarge)

Japanese exploitation (click image to enlarge)

Two bomber squadrons, the B5N2s from Manila (range 45 hexes) and the G3M2-22s from Nasugbu (range 32 hexes) fly a raid on the Zamboanga airbase. The G3M2s barely make it, being on the extreme edge of their range. Both hit the target, damaging the airbase, and aborting both B-17s. So ends the United States Army Air Corps in the Philippines.

During the exploitation phase, the two divisions at San Fernando move into the line by joining 16th corps north of Marivelles.

The clock is now running out on the Allies. There is no air support, no naval support, no reinforcements coming, and few replacements. The Allied position is now a hopeless one.

The Allies

Japanese 14th & 16th Corps, and Filipino forces at Zamboanga (click image to enlarge)

Japanese 14th & 16th Corps, and Filipino forces at Zamboanga (click image to enlarge)

There is nothing for the Allies to do this turn. The Allies are now entering supply status U-2. Defense strengths are now being halved.

A resource point at Corregidor is spent to provide supply for themselves and Marivelles. There is only 1 resource point left in Corregidor.

Giving supply to the front in this manner does not change the supply status of the Allies. Beginning April I, 1942, units will be checked for elimination.

Marivelles is as full as I can get it, but the Allies will have to abandon it next turn in favor of Corregidor before the supply runs out. Some units are going to be lost afterwards, but in order to hold the island, as many units have to saved as I can possibly save.

This is how the Allied turns are most likely going to be from this point forward. Short and to the point. Not a lot they can do anymore except dig in and hang on.

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