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Narvik II: Norwegian Turn 2 (April 12 to April 15, 1940)

The British Are Coming! The British Are Coming!

After the adjustment, things began to roll the Norwegians way. They did not lose a single unit. They either escaped, stood their ground, destroyed German attack supplies, German aircraft, and generally won the German turn.

Except for Gardermoen Air Station being shut down, it was a good turn for the Norwegians.

More reinforcements begin to mobilize. An armored cavalry and an infantry battalion mobilize within 5 hexes of Lillehammer. The infantry mobilizes at MC 6, NE of Oslo, while the cavalry mobilizes NW of the city, on the north shores of Tyrifjorden.

The British 148th and 24th Guards brigades arrive on the shores of Norway, The 148th lands at Bodo and sets up their supply base with an antiaircraft battery for protection. The 24G arrives in Narvik, setting their supply base there. The five CLAs stationed down south are called to the arctic, three stationed at Bodo, and the other two harbor at Narvik.

However, things start taking a turn for the worse for the Norwegians. The first roll for Norwegian mobilization results in two battalions being called up, and both are captured by the Germans (MC 9 & MC 12).

German units out of supply in the Oslo region (click image to enlarge)

German units out of supply in the Oslo region (click image to enlarge)

Things are not all bleak for the Norwegians, though. The Germans are in a bit of a supply predicament. Those on the eastern side of Oslofjord are out of general supply, the two on the Swedish border (on the east side of the Glomma River) are on their second turn. Forces from/at Haugesund, Bergen, Andalsnes and those at MC 5 are also in desperate need of supply.

So, it begs the question, what do the Norwegians do? The 1st artillery battalion is currently trapped by German units.

Do the Norwegians try to break them out?

They could attack the armor company. They could try to attack the out of supply artillery battalion across the river. Even if forced to retreat, it could break the artillery out.

They could attack the out of supply artillery batteries at MC 5 (Elverum).

But any attack leaves the defensive line vulnerable.

Allied arctic movement (click image to enlarge)

Allied arctic movement (click image to enlarge)

So what do we do?

The two battalions of the British 148th march down the road towards Mo, to seal off the choke point from the Germans. A Norwegian mountain battalion from Narvik lands behind the British at Bodo.

Since the Norwegians have time to built a defense in the arctic, as the Allies arrive to cover the arctic ports, they are going to get as many units into Bodo as they possibly can and force the Germans to advance only 1 hex at a time.

In the meantime, the HMS Furious arrives off the coast of Trondheim (14 hexes away, the maximum range of the Swordfish she is carrying). The Germans, in their silliness, left no fighter cover at Værnes Air Station. The Allies smell opportunity.

The Swordfish fly undetected over Værnes and light up the airfield, destroying 2 He-111s in the process.

Allied movement (click image to enlarge)

Allied movement (click image to enlarge)

After much deliberation, the Norwegians decide to attempt a rescue of the trapped artillery battalion.

Two battalions push south to join with the 1st artillery battalion against the 1/40 armor company. This is deemed the best place to attack, even though the I/233/196 artillery battalion is out of supply and half strength. It is also on the Swedish border, and if the attack is successful, the Norwegians could get trapped on the border.

This is deemed the safest place to attack.

They catch the tanks off guard and eliminate them easily. (this was the third straight six that was rolled for the Allies)

One third of a battalion eliminated towards a victory point.

The Bergen & Trondheim fronts (click image to enlarge)

The Bergen & Trondheim fronts (click image to enlarge)

All other units in all other areas (Bergen, Trondheim, Kristiansand, Stavanger) hold position, trying to keep the Germans penned in.

During exploitation, the 2nd motorcycle company arrives at Gardermoen Air Station to protect the British bombers.

The artillery has been rescued, a tank company destroyed, and a pair of bombers has been destroyed on the ground because the AA did not arrive in time. A good turn for the Norwegians, but they may be vulnerable now if the Germans can figure out a solution to their supply situation.



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