Cardboard Wars

War is the continuation of politics by other means

TFH: August I, 1940 – Great Britain

The RAF goes on the Offensive

After enduring a lackluster Luftwaffe bombing offensive the RAF shows Herr Goering how it is done.  Two groups of Blen 4s and another of Whit 5s flew out over the North Sea and descended on Wilhelmshaven in broad daylight.  No Luftwaffe fighters were in position to defend the city docks where barges had been gathered. Luftwaffe flak missed their mark, but the RAF did not, sinking 2 points of shipping, garnering 2 victory points.


Meanwhile two groups of Whits and three of Hampdens paid a nocturnal visit to the Ruhr.  This time the Luftwaffe managed to get their night fighter into the fray and successfully turned back 2 groups (1 patrol attack and 1 interception). The heavy flak also returned a group, but 8 SBF of terror bombing were delivered to the industrial center. Some oft he bombs were marked “Next Time Berlin!”


Our Defenses Grow Stronger

Back in Britain a 1-2-10 Support Group is placed at Dover (2 equipment points), positional AA is strengthened at vital points (radar stations now have 4 AA each, some ports received reinforcement AA, some airfield AA was flipped to standard AA) and our Infantry was optimized. Two points of damage were removed from radar stations (2 equipment points) and the airfield at 12:4303 was repaired to full operating status (2 hits removed) by nearby Construction Engineer Brigades. Fighter Command shifted some Hurricanes south and some night fighters north. A Blen 4 NF was brought out of the Available Box to replace the Hurri 1 shot down over SE England. One hit remains on a radar station. Some submarines were also shifted south.


The Battle of Britain has begun!

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