Cardboard Wars

War is the continuation of politics by other means

TFH: British August II Game Report

To borrow a phrase from our American cousins, if this is the worst the Luftwaffe can do we have nothing to fear but fear itself.

Germany scored its first victory points by sending waves of bombers into the Channel to find and eventually sink 4 Royal Navy subs (+4 VP). About a dozen Ju88A bombers skirted our fighter patrols to make 33 bomb runs on warships in the Irish Sea, sinking none but getting 3 hits which will not be counted for VP until the end of the game or at such point as those ships are sunk.

Herr Goering seems to be very sensitive to air losses. Germans probe the outer reaches of our air defenses with small groups of bombers escorted by large numbers of their Messerschmitt fighters, but have not committed to major air raids on key targets.  RAF fighter command stands ready to defend our Island nation when that time comes but will not jump into such an obvious trap.

On its part Bomber Command conducted a large raid against invasion barges gathering at Amsterdam. Six Hamptons and four Wellingtons scored 3 hits, sinking 3 more shipping points (+3 VP). Meanwhile 2 units of Blenheim bombers struck industrial targets (terror bombed) Bremen. Although they didn’t deliver enough Strategic bombing Factors to earn any victory points this turn these will accumulate over time. (10 SBF of terror bombing scores a victory point, doubled if on Berlin or London.)

As August comes to a  close the victory point tally now stands Britain 11, Germany 4.  Britain looks forward to receiving Sep I reinforcements.


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