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TFH: British September I Game Report

A turn in which Germany scores no victory points is a good turn for the British!

A baker’s dozen Ju88A head to Belfast to attack the Royal Navy task force sitting at anchor. Instead of making 3 bomb runs each with a -1 DRM to hit (1/6 chance to hit) as they did last turn against ships at sea, they make 1 bomb run each with no DRM (2/6 chance to hit). (The RN chose to reduce the odds of getting hit by bombs by a third while increasing AA, but still wants to provide a willing target to soak off bombers.)  After AA diminishes their numbers the bombers score 3 hits, the same as last turn. The British place 2 more AA in Belfast during their turn, which should move the AA up a column, from 2/6 chance of a return to 1/6 chance of an abort and 2/6 of return. Shuffling our fighters a bit brings more long range night fighters (which do just fine against unescorted bombers such as these) within interception range of Belfast.

16x Me 109 escort 8x bombers on a coastal raid. Fighter Command patrol attacks reduce the bombers to 4 and decides not to intercept at bad odds which would place our pilots at severe disadvantage (Hurricanes and Night Fighters against Me109s). AA returns two of the remaining bombers.

In Southeastern England mixed groups of Do17 and He111 bombers escorted by Me110 fighters stage raids on two Bomber Command bases. All available fighters respond and shoot down 2x ME110 and 2xDo17 verses a hurricane aborted. In their Sep II turn the Germans will have to scour the Eliminated Over Enemy Territory (EET) box twice, costing them  2 Group Allowance (GA) and 10 Victory Points.

Seven new Coastal Defense counters were received as reinforcements. These are placed at ports, some where the Luftwaffe has been sporadically bombing CD, and others that could be beefed up. Unless the LW sends significant force against our CD their surface ships will have to duke it out with CD defending any port they intend to invade. Frankly I don’t think the LW has the bombers to spare.

6 equipment points are received and they are used to activate two 4-3-8 Artillery Brigades. Two more replacement Destroyers are added to the bank and two Submarine replacements are spent to replace half of our sub losses to date. Dot cities gain an Intrinsic Defense Point and Major Cities double to 2 points. A Battle and a Defiant are de-activated. With 2 new GA and these deactivations the RAF activates 1x Spitfire 1x Hurricane 1x Blenheim 4 NF and 1x A22 attack bomber.

Bomber Command returns to Amsterdam where despite 13 AA factors Hamptons sink another shipping point (+1 VP). Unfortunately the defending Ju88C rolled snake eyes and killed a Wellington. This loss will trigger the RAF to scour the EET and cost 5 VP. This is only the second RAF loss, verses six German air units killed. Another trip to Bremen sees 4 more SBF of terror bombing (total of 8, still not enough for a VP). One of these days we will have to embarrass Herr Hitler by visiting his capitol.

TFH SepI RAFBombing Edited

Destroyers and subs are rebased such that a flotilla of each is in port adjacent to Sea Zones 10, 11 and 13. These will be immediate reaction forces should Germany go thru with the threatened invasion.


At the end of this turn the score is Britain 12, Germany 4. The RAF stands strong in the skies above, the RN is ready to crush any invasion attempt and the Army watches the beaches waiting to police up whatever German airmen, sailors and soldiers wash ashore.


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