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TFH – British September II Game Turn Report

German Player-Turn

The Luftwaffe continues to send huge numbers of Me109 escorts with their coastal raids.

Ramsgate: 10x Me109, 2x Me110, 1x Ju88C NF escorted 3xJu87b and 1x Ju87R. Results were 1x Ju87B patrolled, 2 were aborted by AA and the Ju87R was returned by AA; no bombing attack was made against coastal artillery.

Dover: 11x Me109, 3x Me110 escorted 4x Ju87B. Results 2 Stukas returned by patrol attacks and some hits were scored on coastal artillery.

In each case 7x Spitfire, 3x or 4x Hurricane and 3x Night Fighters could have intercepted. Fighter Command saw no profit in intercepting such heavily escorted nuisance raids.

German air commanders put much more effort into unescorted attacks on ships in port.

Belfast: 11x Ju88A were patrol attacked by 1x Hurricane and 2x Night Fighters on their way in which returned 1x Ju88A. 2x NF intercepted, aborting 1 and returning 1 bomber.  AA fired at the 8 remaining bombers, aborting 2 and returning 2. 50% hits by AA is statistically correct pert he AA table, no extraordinary luck involved.

Edinburgh: There were so many He111 and Do17 that we lost count, but they were all operating at extended range. Fighters in the area had all responded to the more threatening Ju88As, no patrol attacks or interception. However, AA returned 2x Do17 and 2x He111, plus they Aborted 2x He111. Luckily the Germans didn’t send all their aircraft against Edinburgh because I found AA was not quite as good as it should have been, with some rolls on the 7-9 column instead of the more favorable 10-12 column. That was remedied in the British player-turn when 2 more points of positional AA were moved in.

Britain is very please that Germany scored few hits and no immediate victory points. Each hit on a warship will count as 1 VP for Germany when the game is over. No points are scored for hits on coastal artillery. From our point of view it’s better having marginally effective bombing of RN capitol ships and coastal defenses than terror bombing on London. Tony insists there will be an invasion attempt, and from that point of view he is doing the best he can.

British Player-Turn

6 Equipment Points are received and spent to activate 2x 4-3-8 Art Brigades. These are placed in ports along the cost, necessitating a shuffling of Infantry and Light Armor. If the Germans wait long enough reference cities get a point of Home Guard intrinsic defense which can benefit from artillery support.

BB Valiant is called back to home waters (-5 VP) and arrives in the German half of Oct I. The Air Replacement System required a scouring of the EET box, awarding Germany 5 VP for -1 RAF Group Allowance. A Hampton was eliminated while Wellingtons went to the Remnants and Available boxes.

Bomber Command has gotten into a rhythm. Long-range Whit5 and Blenheim 4 bombers strike by night at industrial targets (terror bomb) Bremen. Shorter-range Hampden and Wellington bombers hit the ever growing number of barges gathering at Amsterdam, also under cover of darkness. 9 SBF are delivered to Bremen, finally earning a VP.  One hit at Amsterdam sinks a  transport point and scores another VP.

At turn’s end the score is: Britain 19, Germany 9.


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