Cardboard Wars

War is the continuation of politics by other means

TFH – Report on Defenses of Southeastern England

Defenses center around out ports in Sea Zones 10, 11, 12, and 13 that are within Me109 range of Continental Europe.


German air raids against coastal artillery in Sea Zone 12 have been constant and this causes us to believe the ports of Dover and Ramsgate may be planned invasion sites. 5 Day Fighters can  patrol/intercept the Sea Zone 12 Naval Patrol Hex and 3 Night Fighters can intercept there. If the RAF chose to fly a Naval Patrol mission 15 day fighters, 4 night fighters and  21 bombers can reach the hex.

Ramsgate (11:4432) has 4 Defense Factors (DF), 2 AA Factors, 3 steps of Coastal Artillery (CD) and is covered by 11 Day (patrol and intercept) and 3 Night Fighters (intercept only).

Dover (11:4533) has 5 DF, 4 AA, 4 steps of CD and is covered by 10 day and 3 night fighters.

Sea Zone 11 to the west has two ports. This Naval Patrol Hex can be reached by 2 day and 4 night defending fighters but, 13 day and 4 night fighters can escort 21 bombers on patrol missions. Actually, more fighters could escort if they stage first, so that number is inaccurate.

Eastbourne (12:4404) has been overlooked and a little sliver of beach hex (12:4505) apparently grew under a slightly dodgy Infantry Bde. We will take care of both in the next British player turn. Currently 2 DF, 0 AA, 0 CD, but covered by 12 day and 3 night fighters.

Brighton (12:4405) 4 DF, 4 AA, 3 steps CD, 12 day and 3 night fighters.

Further to the west and increasingly less vulnerable Sea Zone 10 has four ports. Only 1 day and 2 night fighters can reach the hex to intercept, but this sea zone is very inconvenient for the Germans in that they would find it difficult to defend against an RAF naval patrol.

Portsmouth (12:4207) 3.5DF, 1 AA, 4 steps of CD, 3 day and 4 night fighters.

Southampton (12:4108) 4 DF, 1 AA, 4 steps CD, 4 dayand4 night fighters.

Bournemouth (12:4009) 3.5 DF, 4 AA, 2 steps CD, 3 day and 4 night fighters.

Plymouth (12:3715) 2.5 DF, 1 AA, 2 steps CD, 1 day and 1 night fighter.

Sea Zone 13 is closest to Amsterdam and Germany, but mostly outside Me109 range. The sea zone naval patrol hex location is very favorable to the Germans, being 3 hexes from a major city hex (s’Gravenhage) yet outside patrol attack range of any RAF base. Only 1 RAF night fighter can intercept here. However, the same 21 RAF bombers and many staging escorts could make an effective naval patrol.

Harwich (11:4132) 4 DF (1/2 AECD), 4 AA, 3 steps CD, 11 day and 4 night fighters.

Great Yarmouth (11:3929) 2 DF,0 AA, 3 steps CD, 3 day and 4 night fighters. Outside Me109 range.


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