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TFH2: British August II Turn Report

Initial Phase: Things start out with RAF mechanics repairing 5 of the 7 inoperative air units! We receive 5 equipment points. Two are spent to repair four aircraft factory hits, 2 each at Bristol and Coventry. Add in the 1 point each factory self-repairs and they are both down to 1 hit (7 are needed to put a factory temporarily out of production). A 4-3-8 Art X was activated with the remaining 3 points.

The RAF started the turn with 41acitve air units and a Group Allowance (GA) of 44. There aren’t a lot of good air units in the Available Box, only a Well 1C is chosen, moving the active count to 42.  We receive some better air units in Sep I and will use those. No ground or reinforcements are received in Aug II 40.

Air Phase: The German player puts 3x Stuka and 3x Me110 on naval patrol in Sea Zone 13, escorted by 3x Me109. The patrol hex is beyond Patrol Attack range of any RAF fighters and only 2x Blen 4 NF could intercept, but are held on the ground. It seems the pounding or navy gave German Coastal Artillery has gotten the attention of Herr Goering’s minions. The use of Me110 on naval patrol has left Vlissingen (1x inop Me110) and Amsterdam (all the German shipping points) without any fighter cover. 2x Whit and 1x Battle are sent to bomb the Me110 while 3x Well 1C, 6x Hamp and 2x Blen 4 flew against the shipping.  At Amsterdam (11 points of AA) we only managed 1 hit, sinking a shipping point and +1 VP. The Me110 was hit and sent to the remnants box. Two bombers fly out to maintain the naval patrol in Sea Zone 14. Fighter Command flew some transfer missions to better cover factories north of London and returned some of the recently repaired air units to frontline airfields.


Naval Phase: Engineers place the last hit on Dover’s port facilities, rendering it completely useless until repairs are made. The Home Fleet remains at Edinburgh . . for now.

Supply Determination Phase: British Army units at Scapa Flow, the Shetlands, Iceland and Isle of Wight remain out of supply. They will stay out of supply until HMSGRD issues errata.

Movement Phase: Engineers move from Dover to Ramsgate and into Plymouth. Some shuffling takes place.

Victory Points:  Britain 0  Germany 0 (Britain started at -1)

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One thought on “TFH2: British August II Turn Report

  1. In typical Ministry of Propaganda fashion, the spin is amazing. No mention of the reason there was only 1 hit at Amsterdam, just the amount of AA.

    I have never had fighter cover at Amsterdam, because the cowardly British would just switch to night raids.

    The loss of one Me-110C is an acceptable trade against a Wellington heavy bomber, a Beaufort torpedo bomber, and a pair of Wellington heavy bombers torn up on the ground, of which only one was repaired.

    Yes, you got my attention with the Royal Navy. No matter how much the British brag about it, it does not change the fact that much of the British interior was left undefended by both fighter cover and antiaircraft defenses. We both exploited weaknesses of the other.

    Unlike the last game, though, I chose to forego fighter defense in favor of offensive operations. That was a mistake. I should have spread my fighters out a little more.

    Can’t trust the British to do the right thing and SURRENDER! =D


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