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Their Finest Hour: Update & Modernization Project

Their Finest Hour is a game that is now 33 years old. Once upon a time, it was on the “cutting edge” of wargaming, but today, it really shows its age.

There are those smarter than I am researching and studying to see if there is any way to drag the game into the future without damaging any of those things that make TFH unique. Some of it is simple, like simply updating the aircraft ratings to more modern levels, while others present a challenge, like the radar stations.

With that said, I have been working on making an updated version of the maps based on the Second Front maps, a map given in TEM (don’t remember which issue), and the map of England from March to Victory, from Game Research/Design’s Great War series.

Here are some screenshots from the combined Second Front maps. Work has been done on England, only, not the continent. The screenshot comes from Jet, a tool for playing Europa by email. Down near Folkstone, there is a canal that was erroneously placed, but I can’t seem to get Jet to erase it.

A quick disclaimer: We are not doing this for commercial purposes. We are doing it so we can get something more playable and historically accurate.



SW England

SW England

SE England

SE England


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2 thoughts on “Their Finest Hour: Update & Modernization Project

  1. alant14 on said:

    There is supposed to be a Great Port in the easternmost full major city hex of London per SF map.

    Canterbury is the TFH Sea Zone 12/13 boundary (i.e. it can be invaded from either 12 or 13)


  2. I created this map off the old TFH map that could be downloaded so it would not take me as long to create. The great port symbol was discovered and corrected after I had published this. The sea zones were already marked, and it is a limitation of the software that lines cannot be drawn from point A to point B, only along hexsides.

    You could have emailed me about this.


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