Cardboard Wars

War is the continuation of politics by other means

TFH2: British Sep II 40 Turn Report

WINTER IS COMING – BBC broadcast and leaflets dropped by RAF for German troops.

Germany continues to blissfully roll good weather, but it can’t last forever. The Channel will turn dark, the rains will come and with it fog. Foul flying weather and rough seas are ahead, soon!

In the mean time Britain has enjoyed a weather phenomenon, it has “rained” German bombers, particularly Heinkels.


During the reinforcement phase another 4-3-8 Art X was activated, 2 points were spent to repair the Chain Home radar station near Plymouth and an Inf X was upgraded to a supported 2-8*. A Hampton was deactivated so that another A-22 attack bomber could be activated.

This turn the RAF conducted an exercise in ground support. DAS missions were flown at various locations to give crews and ground personnel training.  Our Wellingtons continue to pound German invasion barges gathered at Amsterdam, scoring 1 hit and gaining 1 VP while reducing the number of German shipping points to 33. Naval patrols were flown in Sea Zone 13 in case the Kreigsmarine (Hitler’s so called navy) tries to join the smaller vessels at Amsterdam. Luftwaffe patrol attacks turned back 2 of the 3 bombers but wisely chose not to intercept.


Britons look forward to a change in weather and to the coming ground reinforcements, even the Canadians.


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