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TFH2: German Oct I 40

The weather gods smile upon the Germans again as we head into autumn. The leaves are changing, but the weather is not.

Surprisingly, 7 out of 9 aborted air units are repaired, including all Ju-88s and Do-17s.

The Luftwaffe focuses its attention on driving the Royal Navy auxiliary ships out of the English Channel, targeting Amazon class destroyers and L-1 subs. Of course, the British consider these units expendable, as they are the weakest of the various types of units they represent. I would love to see the British station their Tribal class destroyers or Trident class subs in the Channel. They have obviously been placed as rapid response units, but if they were to sortie in the event of an invasion, they would be the rapidly sunk response force.

Luftwaffe targets (click image to enlarge)

Luftwaffe targets (click image to enlarge)

Ju-88s are again sent to Edinburgh to attack the Royal Navy forces stationed there. This time they are accompanied by three He-111 air units to keep the CLA Cardiff occupied. One Ju-88 is shot down and six are returned to base, shot to pieces by AA as the Luftwaffe attacks destroyers and subs.

The final result is one Amazon class destroyer is sunk at Eastbourne, while an Oberon class and a Trident class sub are sunk in Edinburgh, all easily replaceable, unfortunately. Cardiff is once again undamaged.

So why do I continue to fly these missions into such a heavily defended area? The key to a successful invasion is the Royal Navy. I have not been able to whittle it down to the level that I would like to yet. In fact, I have not done near as much damage to the fleet as I did last game, when I think I caught Alan a bit off guard as to the damage that the Luftwaffe could do to the navy. So much that he recalled BB Valiant last game, and ultimately recalled it early this game.

The escorts to Eastbourne were set up to entice the Royal Air Force to intercept. Once again, they declined. The British say this is because I have not bombed anything worth intercepting for. I’m sure the British citizens appreciate those comments.

German troops move to the ports (click image to enlarge)

German troops move to the ports (click image to enlarge)

In preparation for the invasion, troops have to be moved to the ports from the off map holding boxes. All ports from Dunkerque to Cherbourg are filled with troops massed, ready to be shipped out. Shipping is still in Amsterdam, protected by maximum AA.

Now we get to deal with the archaic naval rules. They are so out of date that I wonder how this game would work if using the updated rules.

The current score is Britain: 17, Germany 13. Not much difference. I have said repeatedly that I am not playing for victory points. Because the British are content to sit back and do nothing, I feel that I need to prove a point.

London is about to get flattened.


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2 thoughts on “TFH2: German Oct I 40

  1. alant14 on said:

    Goering must have learned a thing or two from Fighter Command. For several player-turns now the Luftwaffe has not intercepted RAF naval patrols in sea zone 13. They have been sent with heavy fighter escort . . just like Fat Herman’s raids along the coast of England. Me110’s patrol attack the mission force . . just like Fighter Command, and the German fighters choose not to intercept . . just like Fighter Command.

    Coastal Command is fine with the Luftwaffe not intercepting, but German complaints about the RAF doing the EXACT same thing are beginning to ring hollow.

    The Luftwaffe couldn’t flatten London if it tried! You don’t frighten us, German pig dogs. Go and boil your bottoms, you sons of a silly person. I blow my nose at you, so-called “Fuhrer,” you and all your silly German Pee-O-lets.


    • Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!

      You are certainly a master of spin, there. We are talking about the supposedly superior Spitfire fearing to fight against the supposedly inferior Me-109e, or the Hurricanes being decommitted from battle. You are talking about Me-110Cs against Spitfires. I give you equal numbers, sometimes superior numbers, you outnumber mine 2:1. In typical propaganda fashion, you leave out these important details.


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