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TFH2: British Oct I 40 Turn Report


A free press speaks for itself! RAF Fighter Command continues heroic defense of Britain while Bomber Command and Coastal Command take it to the enemy.

After 4 turns of failed repair rolls the pilots of that Hurricane 1 in London were coaxed out of the Pubs and into their cockpits. They were immediately send north to Sheffield where there are fewer temptations.

A Defiant was deactivated while 1x Hurricane 2, 1x Beaufighter 1 and 1x Whitley 5 were activated.

Six Inf X were upgraded to their supported sides while two Art X were left “in the bank”  wating to be activated as immediate reaction forces should any Germans make it ashore. Two Canadian Inf X landed at Bristol and hustled south to take up position around Southampton. The first four 0-1-4 Static X form up, including two near Great Yarmouth and another in the Shetland Islands. Fifteen more arrive next turn and we may soon see some British XX.

British bombers make night bombing runs on Berlin and Bremen (14 SBF for +1 VP), striking at industrial targets (terror bombing) to remind Germany that they are not immune. Meanwhile the Nazi invasion fleet gathered at Amsterdam was hit again and a strong RAF presence in Sea Zone 13 deters any move by Hitler’s diminutive fleet cowering in Cuxhaven.

DAS is flown to several hexes along the coast, mostly out of Luftwaffe fighter range. Port demolition has proceeded slowly but surely, inflicting the maximum of 6 hits at most of the ports in threatened areas. Engineers moved to ports in Zone 11 and will begin their work in the next player-turn.

More good news – no German mines yet, so we aren’t expecting an attempted invasion in Oct II. As for the threat to “flatten London”  – talk is cheap, especially that of Herr Goering and Herr Hitler.

The victory point total stands at Britain 18, German 13, with enough German bombers in the Eliminated over Enemy Territory (EET) Box to trigger another +5 British VPs.

TFH2-OctI40-Naval TFH2-OctI-DAS TFH2-OctI-Bombing

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One thought on “TFH2: British Oct I 40 Turn Report

  1. The daily Herald is published daily by the British Ministry of Propaganda. =D


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