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War is the continuation of politics by other means

Excitement in the Air, Part Two

I’ve been wanting to change wars and do something different for a little while now, specifically switching to The First World War.

HMS/GRD has a game covering the First World War, but it really only covers the Western Front and most of Africa. I have tried to play this game, but it is far too complex for me at the moment. There are too many things I forget or make mistakes with, despite having written a long sequence of events.

I thought about playing the Verdun campaign, considering this is the centennial of that epic battle, along with the Battle of the Somme. I may still do that, but not right now.

Instead, I want to move away from HMS/GRD and try another game, from another company.

I recently received a game called The Battle of Tannenberg from SPW’s Der Weltkrieg series (published by Decision Games). It is an introductory game for the series, and should be a good jumping off point for checking the series out. If it turns out to be fun and playable, I will concentrate on picking up the Eastern Front Module and the Ottoman Front module.

It will take a bit of time to peruse the short set of rules and get it set up, which I will do as I slowly assemble Blitzkrieg. I may have to invest in a die cutting machine to do the counters for that one.

All of this in between the Stalingrad updates and turns. And the demands of family…..

It is a small game, and should not take too long to learn and play:

Map & counters (click image to enlarge)

Map & counters (click image to enlarge)

Der Weltkrieg countersheet (click image to enlarge)

Der Weltkrieg countersheet (click image to enlarge)


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