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More Blitzkrieg

I am getting closer to having all the parts assembled for Blitzkrieg and getting the game up and running. The maps are completely printed and cut (but need some slight trimming in a couple of places). The rules, orders of battle and game charts have been printed as well. This just leaves the counter sheets to be printed, mounted and cut. Just a little manual labor that my wife can handle. I can say that because she doesn’t read this blog.

The game cost $70 on DVD. Print costs for the maps have run $75. The cost of the maps may be cheaper if they are not made with glossy card stock. Rules and orders of battle were $43. Charts (b&w) were $11.61, while the color ones (which were fewer, but cost more to print) $10. The counters will likely run $41, but then there is cardboard and glue to purchase. A little time and effort, and the total cost, including the cost of the game is around $250.

That is actually not a bad price when you consider that you are getting essentially four Europa games in one, and you can fight the entire Western War. There is even enough time given in the game to possibly launch an invasion of Great Britain in 1941. At least you can launch the Bismarck.

Overall, I find this price to be more in my wheelhouse, as I can get the game, then take my time assembling it as I have the funds.

The maps are cut, and this is a huge game. I have two 4 x  8 sheets of plywood configured to create a 4 x 16 table. I tried to set the maps up on an 8 foot section of the table, hoping that the maps were no more than four feet in height, but it wasn’t to be. Scandinavia just would not fit.

nearly complete maps setup (click image to enlarge)

France, Germany, Great Britain, Denmark, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Hungary (click image to enlarge)

I had to set Norway and Sweden up in a separate area. They go off the top of the table. So, that configuration doesn’t work. I took a photo of it anyway. I also included the rule book, the orders of battle and the charts.

The rules are a whopping 170 pages. There are 54 game charts.

It looks intimidating.

The white areas are not areas that did not print. They are glaciers.

Scandinavia, the rules (upper left), the orders of battle (lower right) and the charts (lower left) (click image to enlarge)

Scandinavia, the rules (upper left), the orders of battle (lower right) and the charts (lower left) (click image to enlarge)

Looking at the map of Norway, there are differences between Europa’s terrain interpretation and Diffraction’s interpretation.

A closer look at southern Norway (click image to enlarge)

A closer look at southern Norway (click image to enlarge)

(Editor’s note: For whatever reason, when I take a picture, it looks clear. Some of them, when enlarged, look clear. A few, when enlarged to max size it looks all fuzzy and out of focus. Not sure why that is. Maybe I shake too much.)

Southern Norway in this game is much less mountainous, but more forests and more roads. That would certainly speed up any German invasion.

I tried building up from the narrow end. That did not work either. Eastern Europe had no table to set on, but I was able to get most of Scandinavia attached, but not all of it.

Western Europe with Scandinavia (click image to enlarge)

Western Europe with Scandinavia (click image to enlarge)

The map set covers Europe, from Spain to the western Soviet Union, Scandinavia to northern Italy and the northern Balkans. It is nearly 6 feet wide, and getting close to 7 feet tall. In this configuration, the Soviet borders can’t fit on the table.

I will have to reconfigure so that my table is 8 x 8 in order to fit this beast, and hope I can reach the middle of the map.

Eastern Europe (click image to enlarge)

Eastern Europe (click image to enlarge)

There are a few leftover sheets that I need to figure out where they go. They are all ocean, but it shouldn’t be too difficult. There aren’t many places they can go.

Northern Norway & Sweden (click image to enlarge)

Northern Norway, Sweden & Finland (click image to enlarge)

Within the next couple of weeks the counters will be printed and mounted. Hopefully I have enough open space where I can reconfigure the table to 8 x 8 . That could get interesting.

I will post more about this game as I move further along.


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