Cardboard Wars

War is the continuation of politics by other means

The Clan

I know this has nothing to do with wargaming. I had mentioned that we lost our (nearly) 12 year old Rottweiler at the end of January to liver cancer. A month later, we had a new pair of Rottweiler puppies. I took time to grieve the loss of my beloved dog, but got the pups to help with the grieving process.

After that, time got away from me, due in large part to the two pups (if you can call them that), chasing them around, housebreaking and trying to train them, and keeping them exercised.

We nicknamed one of them Pigpen, because e loves to roll around in dirt and bring it inside. It has been a lot of work trying to keep the house clean, as there is often an thick layer of dirt on all surfaces before we realize it. There is so much dirt in out backyard because I had to dig some trenches in the backyard to create a drainage system. Hopefully next summer we will have grass growing again and the dirt will disappear.

Next Saturday, we are getting a home visit from a professional trainer, because we are obviously doing something wrong where these pups are concerned. So we had to do a major housecleaning. Oh, some of the spots he was getting dirt into!

But I thought I would post a picture of the family. In the photo, the Rottys are 5 months old and weight 50 pounds. They are now nearly 8 months old and weigh over 80 pounds. They demand a lot of time right now.

The Family. From left to right: Atticus (AKA Pigpen), Scout and our 12 year old mutt, Kiri. (click image to enlarge)

The Family. From left to right: Atticus (AKA Pigpen), Scout and our 12 year old mutt, Kiri. (click image to enlarge)

I’ve posted as I have had time, but that has not been a lot. Haven’t posted an actual battle report in months.

I have started playing the Battle of Tannenberg. It is easy and quick. It will take me longer to write the report than it will to actually play the turn. I am also two turns behind on the Battle of Stalingrad (yes, it is still raging), and am figuring out what I want to do. For the Blitzkrieg game, I think I am going to cut it down into bite sized pieces, and at some point, get the whole thing assembled.

I have also been considering setting up Over There (The Great War), but have yet to decide if I want to start in 1914 or in 1916. I am creating some home brew counters to help with some of the bookkeeping. Some of the counters I am creating is to cover on-map replacements, rail lines that need clearing, resource center damage and repair, and fatigue. Doing this will mean I no longer have to remember what each hit marker means. I also have to add disrupted/badly disrupted markers for artillery, repair status of captured factories, and possibly a few others. I am combing the rulebook to see what I need.

New Counters for The Great War Series (click image to enlarge)

New Counters for The Great War Series (click image to enlarge)

So much that I want to do, so little time and space. I may have to flip a coin to decide what I do next. As the dogs allow me to do.


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