Cardboard Wars

War is the continuation of politics by other means

The Need to Make up Lost Time

Well, crap. I got pulled away from this game, and while I knew it had been awhile since I had continued it, I did not realize it has been almost 6 months.

The Battle of Stalingrad has been raging on. Slowly, but it is still raging. I am doing my best to stay on top of it and get it finished. All delays have been purely my fault, but we are a few turns ahead of where it suddenly left off.

Tannenberg is about halfway through, but has been sitting there for the last 6 months right where I left it. Then I found that I had misplaced the rulebook somewhere. That gave me a sense of panic, until I found it in the office. Damn gremlins must have found it and run off with it.

The Battle of Tannenberg has been picked up, and some reports should be coming out shortly. I do want to finish up with this one as I have Christmas presents Der Weltkrieg Western Front & Ottoman Front that I would like to get to, the Western Front especially to compare it to the Great War Series (March to Victory/Over There).

In addition, I want to finish doing up the counters for Diffusion Entertainment’s Blitzkrieg. That has been an adventure, let me tell you. This will take awhile to learn as the rules are pretty complex.

Not to mention several other games I would like to get to, such as War in the Desert, Winter War, and maybe another shot at Narvik.

I haven’t abandoned this project. I just lost track of time. I need to budget it better.





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