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It’s Been HOW Long?

I’ve been gone for 7 months? Wow, how time flies when you are immersed in other things!

The good news, for me at least, is that I’m not dead. I haven’t been sick (although I have had a family member hospitalized at one point). I’ve just had a case of the lazies. I burned out.

I am getting refocused. I know I have to finish the Stalingrad report (the game is long since finished), and I am going to make that a priority as I head into the new year.

There are some other games that I wish to get to, as well as revisiting others. I have to do some winter cleaning in my gaming area so I can get some things set up. The next thing I wish to do is War in the Desert, but I want to explore the Rommel’s Fantasy option, an extra division or two for DAK.

I also want to go over my Narvik notes and give it another try, even throwing up the Storm over Scandinavia version of Narvik up and give it a try. The reason being is that I have not yet played a game where the Germans were able to hold the town of Narvik, or any of the adjacent hexes.

I will do my best to get Stalingrad finished and posted in the next few weeks.

In the mean time, Merry Christmas (or whatever holiday you choose to celebrate), and a Happy New Year to everyone out there!

Tony S.


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2 thoughts on “It’s Been HOW Long?

  1. sfpurvis on said:

    Great to hear you are back Tony. There are not many reports on Europa games out there. It would be interesting to see how Storm Over Scandinavia differs from Narvik.


  2. klaxton224 on said:

    Hello Tony Shields,

    I’m glad you’re still into wargaming and am looking forward to your continuation/finish-up of the Stalingrad campaign battle scenario. If you do this, consider letting the EA know about your postings, as it will surely stir up things there. Good luck, too, on the other projects.

    If you have the inclination and and time at the end of the Stalingrad battle scenario reporting, maybe let us know about what you think were the main features of the scenario. If I recall correctly, there are some issues about supply and the Soviet offensive thrusts deep into Axis territory. What would be a good fix, in your opinion?

    Also, after having done the scenario, do you have any thoughts about an optimal Axis and Soviet at-start set-up?

    With the above information as a guide, maybe someday someone can design a larger summer of ’42 Eastern Front scenario focusing on the southern half of that front, and how the original Axis plan might have played out using some different tactics, but with the same Axis strategy. This would be with an ending around Feb. or Mar. of ’43.

    Greg Bartels


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