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Lost Victories; The Battle of Stalingrad; Jan II 43 (Soviet) and beyond……

I’ve been debating on how best to handle this since it has been so long. When I last left off, there was only one Panzer corps surviving in the Stalingrad pocket. The Luftwaffe had tried, and failed, to deliver supplies to this corps. To the west, a Soviet armored corps was fleeing east in the face of an ever increasing number of Panzers. The Axis had surrounded the last of the Soviet armor, but left a way out of the pocket, perhaps expecting harassment bombers to close the door on them. Read more…


Lost Victories; The Battle of Stalingrad: Jan II, 1943 (Axis)

Axis northern sector (click to enlarge)

The Stalingrad front has collapsed. Only a few remnants of the 14th Panzer Army have survived. At this point, all the Axis wants to do is delay, delay, delay.

The reality is that the Axis front is shattered. There are gaps in the line miles wide, but fortunately, the Soviets are unable to exploit them. Read more…

Lost Victories: The Battle of Stalingrad: Jan I 1943 (Soviet)

The situation: Soviet initial phase (click to enlarge)

The Soviet turn begins with the Axis lines in disarray. The Soviets should be able to rush through and get into the Axis rear.

In a perfect world. The reality is that the Soviet supply lines are still very tight, especially in the northern sector. The circled area shows the rail line that the Axis are tenaciously hanging onto, refusing to leave and let the Soviets advance. I’m sure every post sounds like a broken record. The whole offensive hinges on this rail line. Read more…

Lost Victories: The Battle of Stalingrad; Jan I, 1943 (Axis)

It has been well over a year since anything was posted about this game. Several things have contributed to this, but the battle has raged on. Slowly, but it has raged on. Now I have to try to sort through the turns and remember what happened.

The German Sixth Army has been swept from Stalingrad, and the Soviets are starting to squeeze the pocket. In the north, parts of the Soviet line were starting to give under German pressure, but the Soviets poured reinforcements into the line to shore up the front lines.

In the end, the Soviets continue to put pressure on the Axis. The line in the northern sector is cracking. The south is completely vulnerable if the Soviets can reduce the Stalingrad pocket quickly. Read more…

Lost Victories: The Battle of Stalingrad; Dec II 1942 (Soviet)

Победоносная Красная Армия!

The Soviet lines are starting to give way to German pressure. In the north, a breach has been formed, as well as a puncture in the wall surrounding the Stalingrad pocket. The front line across from the Italian front has been thinly held by Soviet forces, and so far, the Axis have not seen fit to try to break through.

Soviet initial phase, norther sector (click image to enlarge)

Soviet initial phase, norther sector (click image to enlarge)

With this in mind, reinforcements arriving this turn are applied to strengthen the northernmost flank and prevent any further German mischief there. Armor is brought in by rail and placed across from the Italians sitting on the desperately needed north-south rail line, not just to reinforce the Soviet line here, but to drive the Italians back and open up this vital supply line. No reinforcements are sent to the Stalingrad pocket. Read more…

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