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Lost Victories; The Battle of Stalingrad; Jan II 43 (Soviet) and beyond……

I’ve been debating on how best to handle this since it has been so long. When I last left off, there was only one Panzer corps surviving in the Stalingrad pocket. The Luftwaffe had tried, and failed, to deliver supplies to this corps. To the west, a Soviet armored corps was fleeing east in the face of an ever increasing number of Panzers. The Axis had surrounded the last of the Soviet armor, but left a way out of the pocket, perhaps expecting harassment bombers to close the door on them. Read more…


TFH – Restart

Tony and I have decided to restart our game. We seem to be learning new things about the rules every turn, mostly because they are very different from what we are used to. So, we begin anew.


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