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Der Weltkrieg: The Battle of Tannenberg, September Turn 3 (September 9-12, 1914) and Post-Game

The Germans are now caught in the vice they so desperately wanted to avoid. Centered around Allenstein, the Russian First Army is pushing from the north, and the Russian Second Army is pushing from the south. Read more…


Der Weltkrieg: The Battle of Tannenberg September Turn 2 (September 5 – 8, 1914)

Two-fer today!

From this turn forward, the Germans no longer receive any reinforcements. The Russians still have the 10th Army HQ and three reserve/replacement divisions on deck.

As I stated in my last post, the Germans are in trouble. I simply took too long in destroying the Russian 2nd Army, and never destroyed it. Read more…

Der Weltkrieg: The Battle of Tannenberg: September 1 Turn (September 1-4, 1914)

When I last left off, the Russian First Army was bearing down on Königberg (a city that, like Warsaw, can’t be captured in this game), bringing more firepower to bear as they begin to turn south through the Insterburg Gap in an attempt to squeeze the German Eighth Army in a vice. Read more…

The Need to Make up Lost Time

Well, crap. I got pulled away from this game, and while I knew it had been awhile since I had continued it, I did not realize it has been almost 6 months. Read more…

Der Weltkrieg: The Battle of Tannenberg: August Turn 7 (August 25 – 31 (or so))

August 25 – 31, 1914

After the last turn, I have gone back and did some more studying on the actual East Prussian campaign. I found that in this game so far, the Germans have not retreated nearly far enough. I was afraid of backing up so far, but it makes sense in a shortening of supply lines way. As long as 1st Corps to the NE is not firing with full supply, they cannot defend adequately. It is tricky figuring out where the German HQ needs to be in order to fully supply all units on all turns.

The evolution of the campaign can be seen here, here, here and here (
Read more…

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